🌱 The Milagros project honors the MLK day + $ 250,000 more for downtown?



Good Monday, people of Woonsocket, and happy eagles saving day! Let all of you catch up to start today on an informed note.

You can participate in the Milagros Project Service Day! Also, a proposal to offer $ 250,000 in funding for downtown businesses may not advance. Finally, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discusses a grant for the Woonsocket PD.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Partly sunny and windy. High: 29 Low: 12.

Here are the top four stories from Woonsocket today:

  1. the Milagros Project honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a Day of service. You can participate by bringing feminine hygiene products and diapers to the All Saints Church parking lot on Saturdays. You can do it between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. (Milagros Project)

  2. the Collaboration from downtown Woonsocket wants city council to allocate $ 250,000 to business owners on Main Street. This money should be affected for the renovation of buildings. “The program would help modernize historic properties on Main Street, many of which still do not comply with contemporary building and fire codes. ” However, Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt might not agree with the idea, highlighting “a pandemic-era grants program that funneled COVID relief funds to local businesses and said the city had proposed new signage and other improvements in the downtown area.” (Valley breeze)

  3. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse announced on Wednesday that the Woonsocket PD will receive a grant totaling $ 819,000 at “help divert people with drug addiction to treatment rather than jail. “This federal funding will help save lives and improve lives. It gives people a chance to get the treatment and the level of care they need. It will also save taxpayers by reducing avoidable expenses. in health and social services related to the costs of untreated addiction. The PD will create the program with input from Brown University, Columbia University and others. (Sheldon Whitehouse)

  4. Lincoln announced on Thursday that he hire an outside consultant to determine when to repav the pavement. He follows the example of Pawtucket, which has already adopted this method. American Recovery Plan Act funds will be instrumental in catching up with the city. Cumberland plans to work with a consultant but has not yet made a decision. (Valley breeze)

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Today in Woonsocket:

  • New England Winter Expo at the Rhode Island Convention Center (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

  • Monday morning Group of books at Warwick Library (10am)

  • Cumberland Public Library Presents Sleeping story hour (online) (6.30 p.m.)

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