🎙Heartland Community Foundation launches fall grant cycle



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The Heartland Community Foundation is gearing up for its next round of grant awards to organizations in the region.

Applications will be open until November 15, according to executive director Sarah Meitner.

“It is open to any nonprofit church, municipality, Ellis, Rooks or Trego County for any charitable cause,” she said. like to see them, so come bring your idea and you can go to our website to find this app. “

The foundation’s website is heartlandcommunityfoundation.org.

Meitner said the grants are awarded to various causes.

“It’s really rubbish, you know, charity, a charitable community cause,” she said. “So I was at Cedar Bluff last week to meet an Eagle Scout who had applied through Cedar Bluff State Park, and he had asked for money to create a new picnic area.”

She said they gave him $ 12,500 to complete this project and that he replaced 30 picnic tables.

“Yeah, and he did it all on his own,” Meitner said. He is in his second year at Hays High. So we were certainly excited. The committee was really thrilled to see the interest of a youngster, you know, with an idea. “

But she said this example is just one of many.

“We have funded a lot of things for our schools,” Meitner said. “There was a new GaGa pit that went into a church in Stockton, there was a hearing aid, one of those machines that helps check a youngster’s hearing at the Hays Area Children’s Center, that’s the one that we have done.”

And those who are unsure if their idea qualifies for a grant are free to call the foundation and discuss the idea.

“I get calls all the time,” Meitner said. “Teachers especially like to call.â€Â¦ I think there is room for a lot of really cool projects, and we want to be a part of it.”

In this cycle, between $ 60,000 and $ 70,000 will be available.

For more information about grants or the foundation, visit heartlandcommunityfoundation.org.



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