10 things we love about the Hyundai RN22e concept car


hyundai the latest super sedan concept has captured the world’s attention. Introduced alongside the Hyundai N Vision 74, the new super sedan concept builds on Hyundai’s electric vision for the future. This new concept is based on the E-GMP platform which promises truly impressive electric cars in the near future.

Hyundai used the new concepts to underline its ambition to modernize the entire brand. This modern design is paired with an innovative twin-motor electric powertrain to produce 576 hp and 546 lb-ft of torque, but also comes with a range of around 373 miles.

Want to know more about this innovative concept car from Hyundai? Here are 10 things we all love about the Hyundai RN22e concept car.

ten Modern design

The Hyundai RN22e concept has been developed to showcase the brand’s ambitions for an all-electric performance range. Hyundai has developed its own high performance brand, Hyundai N. This division operates similarly to Audi’s RS range as the cars are still manufactured in-house.

With this, Hyundai is looking to completely modernize its lineup. That’s why they constantly released modern hybrids and even a few all-electric cars. The Hyundai RN22e looks a lot like the Ioniq 6, which suggests that the RN22e concept might be what the Ioniq 6 N model might look like.

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9 Impressive aerodynamics

Hybrid and electric cars are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This is not because they are less powerful than traditional cars, but rather because they tend to be much heavier. This is because the batteries they carry do not become lighter as the range decreases.

That’s why Hyundai has invested in creating the most aerodynamic sports sedan possible. The RN22e comes with some aerodynamic improvements over the Ioniq 6 with an aggressive front end and side air intakes. The concept also includes a rear spoiler for additional downforce at the rear of the vehicle.

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8 3D printed parts

This concept was built with incredible attention to detail. Although the car may appear to be just a fast Ioniq 6, the truth is that Hyundai custom-built parts are to be used throughout the vehicle.

In some cases, the team 3D Printed Custom Parts carbon fiber to help reduce weight without losing stiffness. This process is far more expensive than mass-produced parts, but Hyundai has gone out of its way to create something truly special to represent the future of the EV N performance brand.

seven All-wheel drive

The Hyundai RN22e comes with a modern all-wheel-drive system. This all-wheel-drive system delivers power individually to each wheel. This means that the on-board system can determine how much torque to give to each wheel for optimum performance.

In addition to these torque distribution characteristics, the new Hyundai RN22e concept allows drivers to customize the torque distribution. This means the driver can choose whether they want the car to have a rear bias or not. They can even decide how much rearward lean they want the car to have, allowing the driver to have more control over the car’s setup before taking it to the track.

6 Smart suspension

The Hyundai RN22e concept comes with a smart suspension. Smart Leveling Suspension is a three-way adjustable system that you can customize as part of the car’s setup. You can adjust the height of the suspension as well as its compression and rebound.

This level of control makes the RN22e more of a professional racing car than a traditional sports sedan. Even if you compare it to a flagship performance car from BMW or Audi, you won’t get as much customization right out of the box.

5 Track-focused braking system

A racing car is only as good as its brakes. That’s why Hyundai has included a track-focused braking system in the Hyundai RN22e concept. These innovative brakes are regenerative, which means they can help recharge the batteries every time you slow the car down.

The brakes on the Hyundai RN22e concept are 4-piston monobloc caliper discs. These discs are 400mm discs and provide the braking performance to support the weight of the entire drivetrain. This gives owners the confidence to absolutely send it to the track with confidence in the car’s stopping ability.

4 Improved cooling

Almost every aspect of the Hyundai RN22e was designed for racing. This includes the new cooling system that Hyundai has implemented to help keep the entire powertrain cool while driving. This track-optimized system directs air directly to the electrical components to help keep them within the optimal thermal window.

The Hyundai’s cooling system also takes the battery and brakes into account and actively cools them while driving. This allows you to enjoy the circuit you are on without worrying about having to slow down to cool the car.

3 E-GMP platform

Hyundai’s new E-GMP platform has tons of potential. This new technology has the ability to electrify the entire N Division and create absolute beasts like the RN22e concept. Hyundai has developed their technology to be scalable, allowing them to seamlessly expand to other body types without too much additional cost.

The Global Electric Modular Program is designed from the ground up to support the electrification of the entire Hyundai range. Concepts such as the RN22e prove that the platform has evolved to the point that it is possible for Hyundai to electrify its entire lineup without any problems.

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2 576 horsepower powertrain

The RN22e was designed to be a performance concept. Designed as the future of the electrified N Division, the RN22e features an impressive 576 horsepower powertrain. This impressive engine can also produce around 545 lb-ft of torque.

The engine is not only powerful but allows the car to accelerate incredibly quickly. Although official figures have yet to be released, Hyundai’s RN22e is expected to take advantage of its electric powertrain to accelerate from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

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1 Track performance

It’s no secret that electric cars can accelerate incredibly quickly. However, the Hyundai RN22e Concept gives you a complete package that promises even more performance. Almost every component of the car has been modified and tuned for track performance.

It helps Hyundai make a statement about its new platform and is a clear warning signal to other space makers. The RN22e has tons of race-specific features to help with on-track performance, such as a rear wing for extra downforce and adjustable suspension.


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