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By The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Web hosting provider DDoS-Guard said Monday it has stopped providing its services to Kiwi Farms, becoming the second provider in two days to drop the harassment and bullying site and remove it. make it inaccessible on the public Internet.

DDoS-Guard said it doesn’t have to decide whether sites break laws and normally only restricts access to a site in cases such as receiving a court order. The company said it acted this time, however, after receiving “multiple” complaints.

“After analyzing the site’s content, we have decided to terminate DDoS protection services” for a version of the Kiwi Farms site with a Russian .ru domain name, the company said. The .ru site was working intermittently after Cloudfare shut down services.

Kiwi Farms was previously cut from services by Cloudfare. The two companies acted after Canadian transgender Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti launched an online campaign against the site.

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Cloudfare CEO Matthew Prince said he was troubled by the decision, but escalating threats targeted at the site created a “immediate threat to human life” that his company had never seen.

The site was created and operated by Joshua Conner Moon, 29, and has become a forum for harassment of social media personalities, especially transgender people, feminists and people of color.

Sorrenti, who goes by “Keffals” online, fled her home in Canada last month, only for online stalkers to find her in Northern Ireland and escalate their harassment.

On Monday, Sorrenti tweeted that she would have a final update on the campaign against Kiwi Farms.

It was unclear if Wiki Farms would try to find another service provider or if its users might start congregating on a new forum.

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