3 beginner-friendly astrology concepts worth understanding


And last but not least, we have the houses. This is where things can start to get a bit technical and complicated, but we’ll try to break them down simply.

If you have ever looked at your birth chart, you can see that it is divided into 12 “houses” or sections, each of which is associated with one of the 12 signs. The 1st house, for example, is associated with Aries and its ruling planet Mars. This makes sense, given that Aries begins the astrological year. The second house is therefore associated with Taurus (the next sign after Aries) and its dominant planet Venus; The third house is Gemini, and so on.

When thinking about the themes of each house, it can be helpful to know which sign it is associated with. Leo, for example, is associated with the 5th house and both deal with themes of expression, caring, and creativity.

Things get interesting here when you watch your specific astral theme, and in particular your rising sign, which becomes the location of your first “personal” house. For example, if your ascendant sign is Aquarius, which is associated with the 10th house, the qualities of Aquarius can appear in areas of personal identity, which is the purpose of the 1st house.

When you begin to understand your planetary locations in relation to your specific chart and where your first house is located, you really begin to see how your demeanor or temperament can be influenced by these subtle intricacies of the chart.

Curious to dive deeper? See our guide to the 12 houses for more information.

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