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Like many construction projects in the post-COVID era, the new parking addition at Albertville High School has had its share of setbacks. However, District Superintendent Boyd English said the lot along with several other projects are still on track for completion over the next two years.

“We really have three big projects that are about to start rolling out as early as May,” said English. The journalist. “So we’re delighted.”

These projects, he said, include a new multipurpose building, a career tech building and a complete overhaul of the Coliseum to make it a dedicated space for the Aggie Band. But before crews can get to work on these projects, the parking lot must first be finished.

“The most important thing is to immediately complete the parking lot,” said English. “They [workers] did a good job, but it just took longer than expected.

In addition to supply issues and inclement weather causing work delays, he said dirt at the lot site was not compactable enough to support many vehicles without sinking and cracking the asphalt. To remedy this, the right kind of “good” dirt had to be trucked in to replace the bad.

English said the lot, which will give the school more than 55 new parking spaces, is expected to be completed by May or early June, when work on the other projects will begin.

The two-story Career Tech Building is expected to go where the current greenhouse is, behind the gymnasium along McDonald Avenue. English said there should be about 25 classrooms to “expand opportunities and career paths” in vocational technology education. He said they recently added welding as an option and plan to soon offer cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing and more over the next few years.

The multipurpose building, also known as the Kinesiology Building, will be built adjacent to the Center for Fine Arts and will house much of what is currently in the Colosseum once it is renovated for the group.

“Our group is fantastic and we are very proud of them,” said English. “It’s such a strong group…People want to get involved so it’s overwhelmed [it’s current] space. This new space in the current Colosseum is going to be remodeled and repurposed into the largest high school music venue in the state of Alabama that I know of.

He said he expected the multipurpose building to be finished by the end of the year or early 2023 and the band room to be finished by the summer of next year. . As the largest and costliest project, he said the Quarry Tech Building could take until early 2024 to complete.


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