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Recently, actor and casting director Abhiishek Mohta announced his brand new project “Tumko Jabse Dekha” which is a music album. Shezali Sharma co-stars Abhiishek in the album. The songs on the album are sung by Asif Javed in his beautiful voice and it was made under the guidance of director Deepak Sharma. Right after the announcement made by Abhiishek Mohta, there was noise throughout the industry. Everyone including the fans are excited and waiting for the release.

While sharing his thoughts on the upcoming project “Tumko Jabse Dekha,” Abhiishek Mohta says, “I can’t express the level of excitement I’m feeling right now. Words cannot sum up the gratitude I feel. Working with all team members has been a fun and learning experience. Few years ago when I lied to my mum and dad about finding a job and came to Mumbai, I had a lot of fears and doubts. However, I’m so glad I took this step, it was only for my greater good. In the coming times, there will also be a lot of new projects and I am absolutely looking forward to sharing them with my audience.

Abhiishek Mohta was born on July 25th, 1993 in Delhi and is 29 years old (in 2022). Thanks to his hard work, he has built a solid reputation in an extremely competitive field. However, his journey to making a household name in the industry was full of ups and downs. In the early days, Abhiishek always had a lack of money as he left home to pursue his dreams of working in the industry in Mumbai and had no stable income. Even meeting basic necessities like grocery shopping, paying rent, money for transportation, etc. became a task for him. While finding a job in his desired field, Abhiishek also has to work as a caretaker. He later changed jobs and worked as a graphic designer, sales agent, call center representative, fashion industry intern and more.

Life then took a positive turn for Abhiishek Mohta when his music debut as “Tu Hai Wahi” was released in 2021. Right after its release, the music video caught everyone’s attention and became the topic of city ​​conversation. He is now also a renowned casting director in the television industry besides being a well-known actor. He also managed the casting department while serving as Associate Creative Head for Color TV’s mythology program, “Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran”. The inventiveness of the intellect does not stop there, he is also a novelist and his first book, “Once Upon Us”, was published in 2019. As a result, he was named one of the top 10 authors of contemporary romance in India.

Abhiishek Mohta strives to be nothing but an inspiration to all. It was only through his dedication and passion that Abhiishek Mohta managed to earn a reputation in the field. The multi-talented artist continuously introduces something new for his fans through his work, which brings more people to know him. Through his dedication, Abhiishek Mohta illustrated that if someone wants to achieve something, there is no power in the world that can stop him.

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