ADACash today announced the progress of its cryptocurrency project


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New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – November 1, 2021) – ADACash today announced the progress of its cryptocurrency project. The project, which has 3,215 crypto account holders, also has a market cap of over $ 4,000,000. The platform currently has a full collection of tokens with a supply set at one trillion.

Figure 1: Today ADACash announced the progress of its cryptocurrency project

The law of supply and demand strongly influences the operations of the platform function and when the demand for cryptocurrency is high, the supply flow decreases, which increases the cost of supply. This occurrence limits the amount of currency available to facilitate transactions.

Advantage for Crypto Holders

ADACash promotes the creation of passive income by accumulating its shares with crypto holders. By buying and holding stocks for a long time, their investments increase dramatically and are then deemed profitable. As passive income is considered a new and attractive investment, its growth profitability can only be achieved by taking into account both the traditional mix and the modern mix.

In the traditional method, a crypto holder makes an investment while the growth in market capitalization is in effect. However, for the reward system, a combination of modern and new ways of making profit is used.

“As the technology has become rampant and is being used to facilitate various sectors to facilitate human labor, it is important that we appreciate the role it has played in advancing the banking sector where the crypto trade is currencies partially fall. By imitating real market conditions. , the ADACash project has helped bring light to the country by promoting normal banking services such as savings. From our current analysis, it’s evident that people are open to embracing this new technology and this new platform. We could never be happier, ”says the COO.

To buy ADACash

From purchasing ADACash shares and opening a savings account, holders are entitled to an eight percent reward on all transactions resulting from the process. The accumulated money is therefore sent to the holder’s electronic wallet. From there, traders are allowed to reinvest the money, withdraw it, or hold the shares, which will generate more income in the future.

“I am extremely happy to be a part of ADACash’s growth journey. At first I thought it was a scam. I couldn’t figure out how investing in intangible stocks could generate passive income. More so, it was propagated by my ignorance of cryptocurrency and the ever-changing technology. So far my perception has changed dramatically after daring to invest in the platform, ”said Sharma.

About ADACACash

ADACash is a company that focuses on offering reward tokens based on Binance and Smart Chain. By purchasing shares of the cryptocurrency, crypto holders have the privilege of earning passive income through the growth of the shares. The company also uses a unique reward system that reflects all the transactions that all holders make.




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