An Abandoned Community Concept Was Finally Realized in Rick and Morty


Now the idea of ​​Jeff Winger, the notorious self-centered jerk who thought too much of himself, being so insecure about his body to be considered a “shy poo” makes sense. There was this whole episode about Jeff learning to be comfortable enough in his skin to strip in front of the whole college while play billiards, as well as numerous episodes exploring Jeff’s complex of being abandoned by his father. What would this episode look like? We don’t know, but we do know what the idea ended up looking like when it made its way to “Rick and Morty.”

In the fourth season episode of the hit animated adult comedy, Rick embarks on a journey very loosely based on “The Old Man and the Sea.” In the episode, we learn that Rick is such a shy shit that he has a the whole pocket universe just so he can go to the bathroom on his own, with the toilet overlooking a beautiful valley, and an entertainment system that plays upbeat music and displays a bunch of holographic versions of Rick to cheer him on as he uses the toilet – he even has a crown for Ric!

Of course, this episode is about more than just shy poo, it’s about how Rick is the author of his own pain and misery, ruining everything and everyone who comes near him. But at times, that also applies to Jeff Winger.


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