Arborwood Student Transportation Show May 20


“Super chic cars” inspire a sixth grade class at Arborwood South Elementary School.

The 28 students of Ashley Cornett are having their first transport fair later this month at school. They have big plans.

“Think of a car show, but with multiple modes of transportation,” Cornett said. “My sixth grade class is very interested in ‘super fancy cars’, so as a team we came up with the idea of ​​having a car show. Our goal is to be the first car show run by students in Monroe. We can’t wait.

The Student Transportation Show will be held from 6-8 p.m. May 20 in the Arborwood South parking lot, 1008 Riverview Ave. Free entry.

Dozens of vehicles are expected.

“We hope to have about sixty vehicles. We currently have new and classic cars, motorcycles, a van truck, ambulance, fire truck, police cars and possibly a helicopter flyover (in the absence of a medical emergency). We are working to get a school bus, as well as semi-public and public transportation,” Cornett said. “People can sign up to bring transportation by calling us at (734) 265-3835. The deadline for registration is May 16. There are no registration fees.

Ashley Cornett students walked around a neighborhood to observe types of transportation in preparation for the show.

The Transportation Show will also include face painting, coloring and running races for children and music. Food vendors will also sell refreshments and students will display their research.

“Currently we have a Manhattan Street food truck, JEMS Diner and an ice cream sandwich cart from Cakes By Stephanie,” Cornett said. “The cafeteria will be open with tables for eating as well as exhibits of our research on different types of transport. (Our goal) is to teach people about transportation and how it affects the way we live.

Sofie Webb makes a call for the Transportation Show as Livia Poupard looks on.

The class is hoping for a large crowd.

“We don’t know (how much we expect), but we’re hoping for 150 to 200 people,” Cornett said.

The students have been working on the Transportation Show since before spring break. This is part of the Project Based Learning program, which Arborwood is piloting. Five projects are part of the pilot.

“Project-based learning is part of the school improvement plan at Arborwood, and it is in our three-year plan to implement it school-wide,” Cornett said.

For his project, Cornett is working with Mandi Perkey, professor of technology; Principal Andrea Wylie and School Success Teacher DJ Freese. They divided the class into seven groups for the show: customer service, advertising, budgeting, recruiting transportation, measuring the parking lot to see how many vehicles will fit, car rules how and organizing food and cream trucks. icy.

“Each group is responsible for accomplishing various tasks in its area. They did research, made phone calls using scripts they wrote, talked to various classrooms, and visited dealerships. They also created a logo, advertising posters, t-shirts and stickers,” Cornett said. “They worked very hard.”

Students also learn real-world skills.

“They learned how to make business phone calls. We learned how to take care of the cars and create rules for a successful show. They also learned how to create and follow a budget,” Cornett said. “Students research, write, calculate and learn about transportation around the world. We asked the motor question to the students, and they have done everything since. »

Transportation Researchers are (left to right): Madison Morris, Athena Wells and Mia Mejia.

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