Arena 100: September progress update


Towards the end of the spring semester 2021, students at Fairfield University were able to witness the dismantling of Alumni Hall, the stadium where many former deer made memories while watching our basketball and volleyball teams. ball dominate the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

After the debris from the old stadium was cleared over the summer, the construction team was able to begin laying the groundwork for what the new Arena and Convocation Center could look like. From the lower entrance to the Barone Campus Center, one can see a large concrete wall that sits below the front of the old arena.

Towards the rear of the site, about three levels of metal beams were displayed. The process of building the current stadium seems to have started.

A large fence created a border around the entire site, allowing bridges between the Barone Campus Center and the site itself, as well as a walkway between the parking lot of the nursing school and studies of Egan health and the site.

Alumni Hall opened to students at Fairfield University in December from 1959. The new arena in its place will feature a media center, more seating, beer garden and other updated features, and was originally intended to be completed in 2021. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic altered the University’s initial plans, altering the timeline for completing the all-new arena. Large posters depicting the computer-generated image of the finished arena that is in progress hang on fences, projecting a “Late Fall 2022” completion date.

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