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Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is a multidisciplinary artist who divides his time between Houston, TX, and Richmond, VA. Her portfolio includes a range of abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, speaking and curatorial projects for various non-profit organizations.

Lanecia is the artist in residence at Holy Family HTX (2017-present). She is the co-founder and creative director for ImagiNoir Equity Group, an international alliance and community development and equity group made up of activists, artists, writers, academics, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. black educators. In addition, she is the director of justice and the arts with the CURATE project. She was recently the 2020-2021 Artist-in-Residence of the Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning (CERCL) at Rice University.

Lanecia has exhibited at Urban Zin Gallery, New York City, NY (2021+2022), The Brooklyn Collective, Charlotte, NC (2021+2022), Monterroso Gallery, Houston, TX (2022), Duke University Chapel (2022); Collect It for Culture, Houston, TX; Houston First Corporation, Houston, TX (2021); Inman Gallery, Houston, TX (2020); Townhouse Project, Houston, TX (2020); Community Artists Collective, Houston, TX (2020); Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI; Forth and Nomad Gallery, Houston, Texas (2019); American Church in Paris, Paris, France where she completed a month-long residency (2018); and Fourth Chapter Gallery, Kansas City, MO (2017 + 2021).

Lanecia is a graduate of Duke University Divinity School and Wofford College. In addition to shows/exhibitions, you can view his work at Hardy + Nance Streets in Houston, TX and High Dawn Studios in Richmond, VA.

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