ASF opens its first industrial pig farm in Russia in 2022


Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhozndadzor has ordered Shuvalovo to suspend operations, even in piggeries where African swine fever has not been detected.

Shuvalovo is the largest pork producer in the Kostroma region, raising about 75,000 head per year.

Regional impact

Yuri Kovalev, president of the Russian Union of Pork Producers, told local magazine Agroinvestor that Shuvalovo is a big farm by regional standards, because pig farming in the Kostroma region is not as developed as in other regions. other parts of Russia.

However, a drop in production at this farm will have no impact on the overall Russian pork market due to the relatively low volumes affected by the outbreaks and a general oversupply in the market, he added. . In general, the situation with ASF is currently tense, but it is under control, continues Kovalev.

Backyard farms

“Currently, a large number of outbreaks have been recorded in backyard farms, among wild boars,” Kovalev said. “Shuvalovo is the first industrial farm to be affected this year. Even farms of this type are not completely protected against African swine fever, especially during the summer-autumn season. The risk of African swine fever epidemics is then traditionally higher.

In general, ASF in Russia currently poses no risk of hampering the country’s pork production, as it did last year, Kovalev said.

Since the beginning of 2022, more than 80 outbreaks of African swine fever have been recorded in Russia, less than half of them in backyard farms, while the rest are in wild boars.

The African swine fever epidemic is running out of steam

Sergey Yushin, head of the Russian National Meat Association, agreed that the current situation in the Russian pork industry is more stable than at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. However, in some regions, services veterinarians are failing to deal with African swine fever properly, causing concern among all market players.

“Unfortunately, individual instances of dishonest performance of their direct duties by some regional services are keeping the market in suspense. Everyone understands how this can end as the huge industry losses a year and a half ago and the subsequent rapid price increase are still fresh in my memory,” Yushin said.


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