AWC chooses to reposition 3 mega-projects


Ms Wallapa shows off a conceptual design for a skyscraper tower designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the designer who designed the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It will be an iconic new landmark at Asiatique the Riverfront.

SET-listed Asset World Corp (AWC) plans to review its capital budget and development plans for major projects, repositioning its existing properties as a mix of work, life and leisure to take advantage of a new trend.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Wallapa Traisorat said Covid-19 has changed the way people work, live and rest and it has helped blend work and play into one seamless blend.

“The review of the investment budget and development spaces of three new megaprojects is one of our medium-term strategies,” she said. “We want to adjust them to match the timeline, the new lifestyle of people and a balance between supply and demand.”

The three new projects include Aquatique District Pattaya, Woeng Nakhon Kasem on Charoen Krung Road in Bangkok and a new phase of Asian The Riverfront.

In Asian there will be a new skyscraper currently designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm that designed Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

One of the elements of the very tall tower, which will be completed over the next nine years, will be office space for multinational companies.

AWC wants to add functionality to serve new lifestyles, providing a mix of work and leisure.

“We are preparing to reposition our current properties to serve the new lifestyle that is emerging from the impact of the pandemic,” she said. “We will merge some features of one property class into another property type, as the lines between each area have blurred.”

Its office buildings, which now include four buildings, including the Empire Tower, Athenee Tower, 208 Wireless Road Building and Interlink Tower, with a combined leasable area of ​​270,594 square meters, will be equipped with functionalities. reception such as a lounge in the lobby and F&B outlets on the roof.

AWC’s 18 existing hotels, which make up the company’s largest portfolio, will add features such as a more comfortable work desk and chairs for long hours of use as work becomes a new concept in the workplace. lifestyle in the midst of the pandemic.

“Those who stay in hotels for work contributed 20% of bookings versus the usual 2%,” she said. “During the pandemic, many clients stayed longer, from two weeks to one to two months. Some clients have booked two rooms – one for their family and one as a study room.”

As the retail sector was brought to zero during the pandemic, AWC’s retail portfolios will include activity-based spaces such as playgrounds, recreation and work spaces, depending on of each of their target groups.

The six projects that will be repositioned include Gateway Ekamai and Bangsue, Pantip Ngam Wong Wan and Chiang Mai, Tawanna Plaza and LaSalle’s Avenue.


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