Barrow Waterside Project Progress


PROGRESS is underway on the first phase of the Barrow Waterside project, formerly known as Marina Village.

In November 2021, the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP) agreed to invest £5.5m of its secured building fund provided by the Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities, Housing and Local Government ( MCHLG) in the program.

The Barrow Waterside project is one of seven innovative projects that make up #BrilliantBarrow – a scheme which last year secured a £25m offer of committed funding from the Government’s Towns Fund.

The project will support the construction of 550 homes, with the first phase supporting 214 homes.

Cumbria County Council has appointed Thomas Armstrong Construction Ltd to carry out the first phase of the project. This will involve the rehabilitation of 6 hectares of the former industrial site, located south of the A5087 on Salthouse Road, owned by Barrow Borough Council.

Remediation work includes moving slow worms and lizards from the site to a designated conservation area, blocking redundant entrance on Salthouse Road, demolishing buildings, removing asbestos, removing rubble heaps, fencing of the site perimeter, repair and protection of the existing wall on Salthouse Road, removal of industrial slag and stabilization of contaminated soils.

End of work winter 22/23.

Cllr David Southward, Cabinet Member of Cumbria County Council for Economic Development, said: “We are delighted to support the Barrow Waterside project in Barrow and to work in conjunction with Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria LEP.

“These works will prepare a 6 hectare section of the site for the development of new houses to be built.

“Barrow Waterside is a popular area of ​​the city and ideally located close to major employers, schools and colleges and sustainable transport links, which will benefit the local economy and connectivity, whilst stimulating new homes families in the region.

“I want to thank the residents for their support and patience as we work on this project.”

Jo Lappin, chief executive of Cumbria LEP, said: “LEP has been delighted to invest £5.5 million of building funds in Barrow Waterside to prepare the site for new housing development.

“Barrow has the potential to create significant employment opportunities over the next few years and it is important that there is housing supply that can meet the needs of current and future residents. The housing created on the site will help encourage more people to build their homes and careers in Barrow.

“We look forward to the completion of work on the site and the development of new family homes.”


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