Batman Concept Art Gives Pattinson’s Dark Knight An Improved Cowl


First concept art for Warner Bros.’ The Batman gives Robert Pattinson a version of the Dark Knight cowl that many fans originally requested.

Concept art for The Batman reveals a different, seemingly improved cowl for the Dark Knight, which ultimately never made it into the Warner Bros. film.

art of The art of Batman by James Field, hinted at a different design for Robert Pattinson’s superhero. While there aren’t many details available in the image, the Caped Crusader’s silhouette teases a somewhat different cowl, closer to the shape fans seemed to want at first, after Pattinson’s Batsuit was revealed. .

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When the suit in the film debuted, some fans criticized certain elements of the costume, most notably the shape of Batman’s cowl, including its length. Concept art shows that this may not have always been the plan. What seems to have been the plan all along was for the superhero to use a modified muscle car, which resembles the illustration in the book.

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Director Matt Reeves previously discussed the intent behind the appearance of the Batsuit and the Batmobile. In an interview, Reeves said: “He’s on this obsessive mission…He’s a rich man who can use the money to do this stuff, but he’s doing it himself. So I wanted, in terms of practical, that you see the seams in everything he does.” He added: “In the suit you can see the seams of the bonnet. You can see he is doing all of this himself. You can see he is building this car in his garage. You can see the roughness of it. There had to be a certain unfinished, unpolished quality to it. Obviously the car has to perform, so I thought it should be like a muscle car. And the suit had to protect it, so you had to make sure that it looked almost tactical, and almost looked like riot gear.”

The Batman follows the titular hero through his second year as a crime-fighting superhero. He is well established as a character in Gotham City – feared by criminals and just beginning to gain the trust of Gotham City authorities. The film sees the budding hero hunt a serial killer named Edward Nashton/Riddler. The puzzles and mystery Riddler throws his way draw Bruce Wayne deeper into a secret involving the criminal underworld, including villains such as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin and Carmine Falcone; and his own family. The mystery also features Wayne with Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, who becomes a tenuous ally in the fight to save Gotham from Riddler’s scheme.

The Batman now playing in theaters.

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