Brian Tee disguises himself as Marvel’s Namor in stunning concept art


Fans can’t wait to see Namor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we’re taking a look at what Brian Tee might look like in the role via amazing concept art.

If there’s one thing Marvel has done well over the years, it’s bringing the many characters on the pages of Marvel Comics to life through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Across 23+ movies of the franchise, Marvel has introduced fans to several incredible characters with an incredible array of heroes, villains, and anti-heroes taken from the pages of the comics with flawless screen adaptations. .

While there have been many incredible characters introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and the Disney Plus series, that isn’t to say there haven’t been some major glaring omissions.

Some of the popular characters in the comic book franchise have been left out due to rights issues – take for example the Fantastic Four or X-Men, which previously existed through their own franchises outside of the MCU – but many more. were MIA for much less understandable reasons. .

Among these characters is Namor, one of Marvel’s most beloved anti-heroes whose origins date back to 1939. Namor is the son of an Atlantean princess and a human, who has a long list of abilities that include superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility and durability in addition to the ability to breathe underwater, communicate with marine life, fly and control the vision of the element, among others . In other words, he’s basically one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe.

The character is one that fans have long wanted to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have been released by fans since the MCU first launched. While there have been a few actors whose names have popped up over the years, one who continues to be a favorite among MCU fans is Chicago Medis Brian Tee’s own.

What Brian Tee might look like as Namor in the MCU

While Marvel has yet to announce when or if the character will be coming to the MCU, with help from digital artist ApexForm gave us the chance to see what Brian Tee could look like as Namor if he had one. the opportunity!

In jaw-dropping art, Tee is transformed into Namor the Submarine by rocking an updated version of the character’s signature costume that was clearly inspired by the Black Panther costume designs. Tee looks amazing in the image and after checking out the image, it’s not hard to see why fans are eager to see the Chicago Med the actor steps into the role when Marvel finally brings him into the fold.

Will Brian Tee play Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As of now, Marvel hasn’t announced any casting decisions, so it’s impossible to know who they might call on to play Namor’s role in the MCU. That said, it looks like Brian Tee is very interested in playing the role, which is an incredibly positive sign for those who are hoping he could play Namor in the MCU!

During an interview with Comic Book in 2017, Tee said 100% that he was interested in playing the first Mutant, going so far as to admit that the chance to play the character of Namor would be a dream come true and an honor. absolute.

“You know, the funny thing is my career. I kind of played bad guys, guys with attitude, guys with chips on their shoulders, uh, reading the comics and being a Namor fan, he’s kind of that guy’s character. Even though he’s a hero or a good guy in quotes. He’s a bit of an anti-hero with a little edge, and j feel like I fall into that line, especially with other things I’ve done. So that’s the kind of aspect I’d like to bring to Namor. He’s not just like a good guy. , you know, he definitely has his own flaws, but I think when it comes to really doing the right thing he will, and you know he’s Namor, he’s Marvel, he’s the first mutant, it’s everything you could kind of dream of as a kid and wanted to portray, and so I would love and honor to play it if the time is right, and thank you guys for it. movement !

As Chicago Med fans know, Tee definitely has the acting skills – and yes, the physique – to bring the iconic antihero to life in the MCU. The fact that he’s interested in the role bodes well for fans who are hoping he could take on the role, as not all actors are so keen to join the superhero hype train.

Hopefully Marvel takes note of fans’ continued calls for Namor to join the MCU and their desire to see Tee play the character, as we’d love to see him get the chance to take on his dream role – and the MCU would be lucky to see it. ‘to have !

Would you like to see Namor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Should Chicago MedIs it Brian Tee playing it? Let us know in the comments below!


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