Cadillac Celestiq Concept teaser images reveal interior details


Cadillac has been teasing the Celestiq concept for years. A full debut album doesn’t happen until late July. To spark excitement, four new images from the General Motors Design Instagram page preview some of the interior details of the electric sedan.

Pictures include a console between the seats. It is shiny black and has a metallic dial near the center. Part opens to reveal storage space upholstered in red to match the seats.

We also see the power seat controls on the door panel. They have a metallic finish on a black perforated section. There’s also a button that could control windows, given the location.

A photo of the seats shows them using a variety of leather materials. There are burgundy sections on the outer areas. The center has perforated bands with bolder red accents in a chevron pattern. A brushed metal section sits under the headrest.

The last photo appears to be of a speaker cover. The perforated metal on the right gives way to the arches of the small holes on the left. A brushed trapezoidal section breaks things up.

The Celestiq will be Cadillac’s flagship model with an emphasis on combining technology and luxury. It will feature a full-width screen on the dash, much like the MBUX hyperscreen in the EQS. The entire roof will be glass and there will be four dimmable zones providing the desired amount of natural light to each occupant.

Judging by previous teasers, the Celestiq concept features a front end with prominent vertical LEDs on either side. Light strips also highlight the lower part of the nose, creating a visual effect similar to the grille mesh.

The Celestiq will ride on the General Motors Ultium platform, which will also be under the upcoming Lyriq crossover. There are no powertrain specifics, but these underpinnings can support batteries with capacities between 50 and 200 kilowatt hours.

GM will invest $81 million in its Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan to build the Celestiq. The automaker will assemble them by hand, and each vehicle will have over 100 3D printed components.

After seeing the Celestiq concept in July, Cadillac says the production version will arrive before 2025. We expect the version on sale to look a lot like the show car.


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