Captain Marvel Concept Artist Finds His Own Job as Ms. Marvel Easter Egg


Andy Park, Senior Artist at Marvel Studios, praises Disney+’s Ms. Marvel for including one of his Carol Danvers designs in The Life of Kamala Khan.

The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Season 1, Episode 3, “Destined,” now streaming on Disney+.

A very subtle reference to Captain Marvel was noticed in Disney + Ms. Marvel by the current artist, and he loves it.

Andy Park, Senior Concept Artist and Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, shared a clip of Ms. Marvel episode 3, “Destined”, indicating where his works specifically appear. Park wrote: “Did you know Kamala’s phone wallpaper is MY painting? As he explained in the video, Park designed a variation of this specific Captain Marvel image for the cover of The Art of Captain Marvelan art book revealing early character designs and environments from the 2019 Marvel film.

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Park’s image is not Ms. Marvelis the only art callback to Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. The most recent Ms. Marvel episode, “Seeing Red”, saw Kamala discover an Ant-Man graffiti painting signed by Adrian Alphona, the actual artist of the original 2014 Ms. Marvel comic. Alphona’s name could also be seen on a plaque outside Kamala’s school with those of other Ms. Marvel comics veterans, including co-creator/lead writer G. Willow Wilson, colorist Ian Herring and Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel character designer Jamie McKelvie, among others.

Ms. Marvel The series portrays Kamala Khan as a passionate fangirl of the Avengers and Captain Marvel in particular, dressing up as her for an AvengersCon costume contest. However, the inclusion of a family bracelet in her costume leads Kamala to discover that she can create constructs based on light, which she calls “Hard Light”. She eventually learns of her connection to an ancient race of beings called the Clandestine.

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However Ms. Marvel’s Iman Vellani will appear in the Captain Marvel sequel Wonders next year, it’s still unclear if the Disney+ series will feature any direct connections, including what some fans anticipate will be a cameo appearance from MCU star Brie Larson.

The two actors recently appeared in the Disney cruise line short film Wish Avengers: Quantum Encounterwith Vellani debuting her Ms. Marvel outfit for the first time. Wonders also co-stars Wanda VisionTeyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, who first appeared in Captain Marvel as the young daughter of Carol’s friend and Air Force colleague Maria Rambeau.

New Ms. Marvel episodes drop Wednesdays on Disney+.

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