Cheyenne ‘making progress’ landing new data center, mayor says


Patrick Collins, Mayor of Cheyenne says the city is “making progress” in its efforts to bring a new data center to town.

Collins had lunch with the site selection team on Tuesday and said it was great to hear how city staff helped the team through their processes.

“While this is by no means a done deal, we are making progress,” Collins said Friday in his Chronicle of the Mayor’s minute. “Fingers crossed; we’ll get them to a ‘yes’ one day soon!”

When asked on Friday whether the data center, which has been given the codename Project Cosmo, was the “very large” new company Collins in his Chronicle of the Mayor’s minute on August 26 said the city was working to bring the city in, its chief of staff Andy Worshek said, “I think so.”

“Cosmo is big enough and if everything works out, we’re expecting an announcement in late winter/early spring,” he said.

Worshek couldn’t say how many people Cosmo plans to employ or where the data center would be located, but said, “The land they’re buying, they asked to be annexed.”

“I know the one thing that really got us excited about this Cosmo project is that they’re looking at waterless cooling systems, so that would be amazing,” he said.

Collins says Cheyenne driveswhich serves as the economic development entity for the City and County of Laramie, has worked with Cosmo for over five years now.

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