City of Lebanon, Mo. unveils a new sidewalk; project carried out by high school students


LEBANON, Mo. (KY3) – The City of Lebanon and Lebanon High School have unveiled a new sidewalk on Adams Avenue. The idea came from students at Lebanon High School.

“We did a civic discourse unit in our History and English classes and we kind of brainstormed ideas with our classmates that would make Lebanon a better place to live,” said senior Allison. Drennan.

The students created a sidewalk because they discovered that many students walked to school and needed a safer place to walk. The students started this project in the second year in their Honors English and Political Science class.

“I think the idea was to learn a bit more about local government and how it works,” said Grace Johnson, a Lebanese high school student.

The teachers who taught the classes couldn’t help but smile when they talked about their students.

“It’s so cool the kids got excited. The city was like we couldn’t build it where you want it, they wanted it on highway 64, they felt like we didn’t own this, (it) will be expensive, ”said Stephanie Hasty, teacher in Lebanon .

Both teachers said the project helped their students feel valued.

“It’s really amazing to see direct government in action and children making a direct impact and that as a member of this community your voice counts,” said Amanda Perschall

“The students had the opportunity to work with the mayor on this project after he visited their class.

“They are truly the future and can get their input on what they want and what we can do,” said Mayor Jared Carr.

The teachers say they plan to continue this project again.

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