City shares new details on postponed roadwork projects


The city says it “has experienced delays due to increased scope and some unplanned but necessary design changes.”

NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans shared new details with WWL-TV on Saturday afternoon about why two major roadwork projects were postponed last week.

The first project would have closed South Carrollton between Earhart Blvd. and Fig Street on Monday, October 3, but that morning the City sent out a notice that the project was postponed.

According to the City of New Orleans, this work is part of the $15.1 million Group C project in Marlyville-Fontainebleau.

The city said Saturday it “has experienced delays due to increased scope and some unplanned but necessary design changes.”

“The postponement of the Earhart closure will not impact the new estimated completion time of Q1 2023,” the City said in an email, “The Earhart detour has been postponed for allow other work in the area to complete so detours do not overlap.”

The $5.5 million Magazine Street (Leake Avenue to East Drive) project was postponed on Thursday, October 6 and rescheduled to begin next week.

The city said the work schedule was changed due to the discovery of underground railroad tracks that required special handling to remove.

“Work on the magazine has been delayed while we await final approval from our LaDOTD partners. The approval has been received and we are on track to begin this work on Tuesday, weather permitting,” the city said.

Both of these road closures have only been postponed and are not cancelled, the city said.

Last week, businesses and property owners near planned projects expressed frustration that they had not been notified by the City, or had been notified and work had not started.

According to the City, they are asking contractors to use “We’re Working” flyers to let residents know at least 48 hours in advance when work begins on their specific block. The notification should include dates, scope of work, and special parking and sanitation instructions.

“We recognize that contractors and their subcontractors are not always timely with notifications,” the City said, “Therefore, the Department of Public Works has added language to all new contracts awarded that will hold the contractors liable for insufficient community notification.”

Depending on the city, there will be a shift on some projects to utilize workforce development by providing additional support for weekend canvassing.

The City of New Orleans encourages residents to text ROADWORK to 77295 and follow the link to include your address in your profile or go to to create a full profile and select the list “road works” alerts to receive the text. notifications about weekend work and water service interruptions in your area.

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