Concept Artist Improves Robert Pattinson’s Batman Costume



A concept artist redesigned Robert Pattinson’s The Batman costume, and it fits the actor’s incredible jawline surprisingly well.

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When it comes to fan art, there seems to be a fine line between hands-on work and work just for fun. When one artist can create a fully functional overhaul of the outfit worn by their favorite superhero, another can turn the entire cast of a brutal crime drama into a corgis. But in most cases, a similar amount of work and effort is put into these two artistic styles. So when something both elegant and realistic happens it’s always a real treat to know it was a work of passion, like this last one. Batman piece shows.

On that note, consider Robert Pattinson’s lead role in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film. The batman. It’s already been established that this will be a fresher take on the character of Batman, focusing on his early years in the hood while he’s still in control (like hanging dudes from rooftops by the ankles). So it’s understandable that its Batsuit brand is a much more focused and straightforward design than most other versions seen over the decades.

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But what if he goes all the way Knight of arkham-style metal plate body armor? Well this is where the Malaysian concept artist Jarold sng comes into play. Probably clearly inspired by Rocksteady’s Arkham series of games as well as a number of other heavily armored sources in past Batman stories, Sng has designed an all-new, towering costume for Pattinson’s version of Bruce Wayne. Keeping the luscious bat symbol on his chest made from reused real guns, he added plenty of hardened metal bits all around to show a Batman much more seasoned and prepared for the grueling trials to come.

Similar to a similar fan upgrade made to give Star wars‘TIE Fighters’ functional hyperdrives, it’s remarkable how well the redesign works, swapping fabric for alloy where possible without sacrificing mobility. From glowing eyes to padded leg guards, this is an outfit anyone would be terrified to see swoop down upon them in the night. Plus, as an added bonus, Pattinson’s crisp jawline seems to match this outfit almost more naturally than the one seen in the actual trailers of The batman.

Sng also included alternate versions of the artwork featuring Pattinson’s Batman without the hood, further proving that he definitely has the look for the role. As with the thick makeup that turns Colin Farrell into the Penguin, it’s clear Reeves has an eye on the aesthetic in the upcoming reboot. So having someone as talented as Sng indulge in it was bound to end in something incredible.

Of course, all of this can just keep you waiting The batman even more distressing. But I hope the time by then goes by in a flash, or at the very least just remember that the wait is the hardest part.

The batman will hit theaters exclusively (which would admittedly be a very strange thing to say outside of COVID hours) on March 4, 2022.

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Source: Jarold Sng / Instagram

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