Connaught area neighbor informs police of B&E in progress


Pair arrested at the scene

Content of the article

Two Timmins residents have been charged after Timmins Police Department officers arrived at the scene of an ongoing burglary.

Content of the article

The incident happened late Monday afternoon. to a rural residence on Connaught Road in Timmins.

the Timmins Police Department regardingreplied to a service call or a neighbour reported that youtwo people had were observed encroaching on private property.

Through the investigation, Timmins police were able to determine that the suspects won entered a mobile home located on Connaught Road and were fleeing with a stolen television when the police arrived on the scene.

The stolen article has been recovered by the Timmins Police Department.

The two suspects were located at the scene and were arrested and taken into custody.

Like a result ofincident, Leo Cote, 29and Nathalie Pilon, 3 years old3, both from Timmins, HaI been charged with intentional break and enter and possession of property obtained by crime.

Côté, who has had previous dealings with the police, was also charged with breach of probation.

Both suspiciouss were in custody pending the results of a bail hearing scheduled in Timmins Provincial Court on Tuesday morning.

In addition to reporting this incident, TPS praised the neighbor who contacted the police.

“The crucial aspect of this investigation and its outcome is mainly based on the fact this suspicious activity was reported to the police without delay or hesitation,” TPS said in its statement. “From an audience security perspective, it is important that responsible citizens report any suspicious activity, no matter how minor, directly to the police via 911 without delay for further investigation.


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