Craftsmen Integrate Contemporary Concepts Into Traditional Crafts As Dastkari Haat Samiti Returns To Pune | Pune News


Pune: After a year of hiatus due to the pandemic, the artisan-run craft bazaar, Dastkari Haat Samiti, is being held at the Dutch Palace, Bund Garden Road, until November 21.
Craftsmen have created contemporary utilitarian objects with their old handcrafted forms. One can find mythological paintings turned into puzzles, woven tableware made by women from rural Maharashtra communities as part of the “Project 1000” initiative, scrolls and songs from West Bengal with a conceptualization modernized by Patachitra artist Sirajudullah Chitrakar, and clothing and fabric items with soof embroidery by Lilaben Parbu Impa from Kutch.
Jaya Jaitly, President of Dastkari Haat, said: “The artisans were eager to showcase their products. For each exhibition in a different city, we select artisans based on consumer behavior and cultural preferences. Pune customers have a good mix of heritage and tradition appreciation and contemporary demands.
Megnath Mahto, who runs a stall with baskets, lamp shades, laundry baskets made by members of a tribal group from the interior forests of Jharkhand, ravaged by Naxal, said: “The situation was at an all-time low. last year, but things are picking up. back to normal now. We have showcased our products in Ahmedabad before coming to Pune, and there is a huge demand for these basketry products during the wedding season.
Manjiri Sharma, founder of Farm Didi, an initiative that aims to bridge the gap between traditional rural recipes and urban consumers, said :, Compliance and Manufacturing. Our range of products ranges from homemade pickles to fresh chakki bajra flour, mobilizing to date 300 women.


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