Dark Phoenix’s rejected concepts reinvent the X-Man as a very different villain


The Multiversal Masters of Evil version of Dark Phoenix could have looked a lot more like its namesake, design sketches from Aaron Kuder reveal.

Unused concept art included in free promotional giveaway Secrets of the Avengers # 50 offers a radically different take on Dark Phoenix.

Designed by Aaron Kuder, this version of Dark Phoenix went through several different iterations, including a bird-like body with wings reminiscent of the Egyptian sun god Ra and one that mixed these avian characteristics with the head of a human female. Eventually, the designs melted into a flamboyant form reminiscent of Jean Gray at the height of his Dark Phoenix powers, before finally settling on the hooded and masked figure that actually appears in The Avengers # 50, the 750th issue of the comic book featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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Black phoenix designs

This masked iteration of Dark Phoenix is ​​used by the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a collective of ruthless villains of time and space who match some enemies in the main universe of Earth-616, but with various twists and turns. The group first appeared in Free Comic Day: Avengers / Hulk # 1 before receiving their proper introduction into The Avengers # 50. They are ruled by Doom Supreme, a version of Victor von Doom who achieved the rank of Sorcerer Supreme. Aside from Dark Phoenix and Hound, his companion berserker who appears to be a Wolverine from an alternate universe, the Multiversal Masters of Evil is made up of a young Thanos, a Killmonger who conquered both Wakanda and Asgard, a mashup of the Green Goblin and Ghost Rider named the Ghost Goblin and the Black Skull, a mix between Venom and Red Skull.

“I love to twist the characters in new ways … and these people are definitely twisted!” Kuber said of the Multiversal Masters of Evil in a blurb included in Secrets of the Avengers # 50.

Presentation text by Aaron Kuder

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Confront these evil planar travelers is a team of heroes from a wide variety of worlds – the Avengers of the multiverse. This team will debut in the next Avengers forever series, which is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Aaron Kuder and goes on sale in December. Kuder described the series as an “explosive mega-bomb supernova that sends shock waves through all of reality, Earth after Earth that has been disfigured by the new Masters of Evil multiverse, to the ruins of Asgard at the end of the centuries. time, for an Avengers tower that sits atop a plinth of fallen gods at the end of infinity. “

Kuder concluded, “Along the way, we come across new versions of Avengers that we know of, as well as the return of some dear old friends, in a series that will switch to the fences with each issue, like the Mightiest Heroes. of all the Earths in the heavens seek to come together as never before. “

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