DeLorean Vision Black Concept Art Looks Both Towards The Future And The Past


Designate Thiago D3sign created a rendering called the DeLorean Vision Black on

The render, which presumably draws inspiration from future DeLorean brand designs and concepts, is a sharp, forward-thinking design render that both nods to the brand’s performance ethos while looking towards the future with dramatic effect. supercar pattern.

Custom DeLorean Sports Car Project: ‘Vision’ Black

There are no interior images of the car provided in the render, although it’s safe to assume it would likely be a two-seat coupe if ever produced given its design inspired by supercars.

The blacked-out car would look right at home in today’s automotive market with dark design packages popular on a number of cars from brands such as Hyundai’s Night Edition and Nissan Midnight Edition.

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The design of the DeLorean Vision Black is clean and striking with a balance of sleek architecture and sharp lines – the rear of the car has a somewhat retro inspired taillight design, similar to what you would find on a new Nissan Z sports car.

This car has a prominent DeLorean badge on top of the rear fender of the car which is visible via an overhead view.

Threatening Stance, Future Vision For Custom DeLorean Sports Car

The front of the car has stylish headlights that appear to be inspired by the light of the famous 1980s DeLoreans, along with an elongated front lip and a small grille.

Up front, the nose of the car is sleek and comes to a narrow point compared to the somewhat wider bonnet, the car has a lowered design with smooth fenders front and rear.

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The car rides low to the ground and looks ready for performance on the track or on the street.

Its dark colors and exterior are accentuated by subtle red accents in the center wheel covers and on the front and rear of the car, with small red accents.

At the rear, the large wing above the trunk of the car along with the rear fascia extensions give the car an aggressive appearance.

While DeLorean is a brand name most closely associated with Back To The Future’s DMC-12, the DeLorean brand looks to the future with electric vehicle concepts in striking designs already released by the brand.

With plenty of top-tier electric supercars and hypercars set to come out over the next few years, this DeLorean rendering looks like it could easily become a production reality and immediately fit into the modern world.


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