EDITORIAL NWA | Thumbs up Thursday: Idea for a thought-provoking center is under serious consideration in Sebastian County



It’s Thursday and another chance to throw a few thumbs up or down on some of the news developments in our neck of the woods and elsewhere:

A new way of thinking

[THUMBS UP] When it comes to law enforcement, there are silly ideas of how to change the profession in a way that would cripple officers. That said, it is widely accepted that society may have asked too much of officers, expecting them to be social service counselors, mental health experts, addiction specialists, etc. In conversations about the changing nature of work, it is good to hear ideas, such as those being weighed in in Sebastian County, for centers of “sober in mind” so that people in condition. intoxicated can get help rather than just being thrown into the local jail. The Sebastian County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee believes such a center could be part of its existing Crisis Stabilization Unit, which aims to provide treatment for people suffering from a mental health crisis. Drunkenness centers can be one of the many approaches that allow people to get help rather than just throwing them through the court system for the laborious process of determining guilt or innocence.

A “primitive” idea

[THUMBS DOWN] We have done “primitive” camping. It’s a lot of fun in the Ozarks, far from what you might call civilization. It’s a form of exterior minimalism and it’s good for the soul. But when we heard that there had been a proposal to set up such a campground in Springdale, near the Fitzgerald mountain bike trails, for cyclists, it was a real headache. In most cases, primitive means no toilets, and apparently the landowners of this proposal believed that up to 84 campers could walk about a quarter of a mile on the trail to the city-run toilets in Bayyari Park, but come on, who’s going to come out of a tent at 2 am and go that far for a toilet break when there is a very good woodland nearby? No, primitive camping in cities doesn’t really make sense, even in wooded areas. The good news is that developers are making changes in hopes of gaining city approvals – reducing the number of campers, making portable toilets available. Will the project finally make sense? We don’t know, but we can’t blame the neighboring owners for their initial concerns.

No Fauci “trick”

[THUMBS UP] It’s not that everyone was waiting for his approval, but it’s heartening to hear Dr.Anthony Fauci, the federal government’s leading infectious disease expert, say that families can feel safe outside this Halloween. Naturally, he says, people who are vaccinated are the most protected, because they are. But the outer setting of the holiday break along with the recent drop in covid infections provide the kind of relief needed to make the event a little less… well… frightening.

No more news

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