Every Piece of Starfield Concept Art Revealed So Far


by Starfield The 2023 release date is drawing closer, with fan anticipation growing day by day. At first, little was known about the game besides being the first new IP for Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years and hailed by director Todd Howard as Skyrim in the space. Both E3 2018 and 2021 revealed snippets of atmospheric effects footage and an astronaut preparing his spacecraft. Summer Game Fest in June 2022 finally announced detailed information about the star field game and gameplay footage.


While images released in June 2022 expanded the concepts of Howard’s vision for the game and gave fans insightful information on what to expect and what to do, concept art for the game was released gradually over time. years. Starting at E3 2021, the 10th anniversary of Skyrim“In the star field“From YouTube videos and via Twitter, Bethesda has provided a rich collection of art that fleshes out the multi-layered world of Star field. As 2022 continues to pass, more reveals continue to improve the landscape and bring fans to the edge of their seats.

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Starfield is rooted in realism

Howard insisted that star field should capture the natural evolution of our current technology, systems, lives, and even clothing. This choice was made to create a sense of real-time progression and fully immerse players in what actual space travel will likely look like in the future. To that end, Howard visited SpaceX to draw inspiration from the aesthetics and appearance of the technology’s functions, shape, size, power and energy.

Removing flashy and exotic technology allowed Howard and his team to imagine what the citizens and settlers of this future would truly look like. It recalls elements of the first Extraterrestrial movie, where the Nostromo characters were blue-collar workers on a commercial transporter carrying ore and other refineries. Capturing this level of realism was integral to Howard and also helps guide the story’s themes of what exists in space and the meaning of humanity now that they have access to the stars.

Colorful, exotic and empty worlds

So far, star field has yet to reveal if there is intelligent alien life in the game’s universe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of planets to explore. At Summer Game Fest, Howard revealed that players could travel to hundreds of star systems around the Settled Systems, with over 1000 planets ready to be explored. While many planets will be barren and used for their valuable minerals and perhaps base building, Howard pointed out that many are populated in one form or another.

Given the many concept art of planets, vibrant and colorful worlds found in the Goldilocks Zone of habitable planets, others show surfaces covered in snow and ice that may hold deeper mysteries. Deserts with alien cacti, jungles, caverns, corals, swamps and more diversity spread across the many planets players can access. In addition, the planets colonized by the various factions and citizens of the future present a variety of activities, urbanizations and locations. One city, Neon, serves as the fun hub, rising above a planetary ocean with crashing waves and exotic fish.

In addition, these worlds are full of potential resources and exotic wild animals. Howard pointed out that exploration is at the heart of the game, and players have plenty of locations to do so. What mysteries these alien worlds will hold, their relevance to the larger narrative, and their intertwined features with the larger themes of humanity existing among the stars leave so much to the imagination. The concept art that details these worlds does its job of making fans wonder about the possibilities the game will allow them to explore.

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Starfield Story, Gameplay, and Setting

With the information revealed at Summer Game Fest compiled with the expanding concept art, story and setting of star field took shape. Occurring in the year 2310, players will start the game as members of the group called Constellation, explorers who continue to search for answers from the Milky Way. As the player progresses they will reach the Settled Systems, where a Cold War status exists between two powerful factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. These two powerful entities went to war 20 years ago and found themselves in an uneasy stalemate.

Howard emphasized that player choice is paramount to the game, expecting players to obtain various endings as a result of their decisions and actions throughout the game. Concept art paired with gameplay footage expands the different factions players can align themselves with and other places they will no doubt inhabit. Giving players the ability to build on planets, pursue faction objectives, conquer outposts, and work in ship hangars makes the possibilities endless.

Gameplay mirrored previously released concept art, showing characters in chunky suits similar to today’s astronauts. Since Howard wanted to implement a “NASA-punk” feel, the realism, evolution, and art expressively show off this progression and are sure to immerse players in by Starfield universe. Even the weapons, stations, robotics, and food feel really conceptualized, organic, and natural.

Starfield concept art

star field is a game grounded in realism, and this level of detail will bring a complete sense of immersion to fans, gamers, and space exploration enthusiasts. While concept art has been continually unveiled to the public, the full scope of star field continues to grow and show off a rich, detailed, and multi-layered world to be explored. With habitable planets, colorful and vibrant jungles, swamps, deserts, snow caps, caverns and unknown alien wildlife, players will want to do nothing. Venturing into the farthest regions of space and aligning themselves with political or mercenary factions will allow players to create unique endings to suit their choices and actions.

star field released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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