Fairmont State Offers New Strategic Leadership Program


FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Fairmont State University has announced that it is offering adults a new way to earn a degree while remaining in the workforce.

Students can complete their Bachelor of Science degree online through the Strategic Leadership program beginning in fall 2022. The program offers 10 accelerated courses that teach the qualities of a strategic leader in any organization.

“It allows them to have skill sets and knowledge to be able to lead other people, to be able to work on strategic initiatives for their organization…and the soft skills that most baccalaureate learners would like critical thinking, being able to read for information, being able to take in information, so those are skill sets that employers need today,” said Timothy Oxley, Dean of College Business & Aviation of Fairmont State.

Fairmont Condition (WBOY image)

Oxley said it’s a good option for students who want an educational experience but don’t have time for regular in-person classes.

“A lot of adults are confined either because they currently have a job, and they can’t go to class even in the evening if they have young children, so there are a lot, I think, of socio-economic barriers. economics that they may face but still need that bachelor’s degree to move on to another job or to have upward mobility in their current workplace,” Oxley said.

To be eligible for the Strategic Leadership Program, students must possess an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution or have 60 or more transferable credits from one or more regionally accredited institutions. The program also allows individuals with an associate degree in a technical or applied field where there is no corresponding bachelor’s degree option to complete a four-year degree, including areas of manufacturing technology applied, applied design, emergency medical services, industrial technology, paralegal studies, welding technology, or veterinary technology.

The deadline to apply for Fall 2022 courses is August 1.

For more information on the Fairmont State University College of Business & Aviation’s Strategic Leadership Bachelor’s Program, go here.


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