Five things to know about the Carnation Mall concept plan


ALLIANCE- A recently released concept plan for the Meijer hypermarket which will serve as the anchor for the Carnation City shopping center redevelopment project, includes a gas station and convenience store and three new retail buildings on the west side of the store.

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The land at 2500 W. State St. likely won’t be ready for the Michigan-based grocery chain to take over until later this year, but new documents offer a glimpse of what the facility could involve.

The cantonal repository reviewed the concept plan for the site and found several notable features.

Meijer d’Alliance will be
nearly 160,000 square feet

The building will include a pharmacy with direct access and an outdoor garden centre. A gas station and convenience store will be a short distance from the grocery store, but these facilities will be closer to West State Street.

Alliance’s Meijer will be roughly the same size as the soon-to-open location in Jackson Township. Like the Jackson project, it is expected to create many jobs. Mayor Alan Andreani previously told the review that the redevelopment project could bring between 250 and 300 new jobs to Carnation City.

The new Meijers gas station being built next to the Meijer store in Jackson Township.

Parking to be arranged

A major complaint among mall visitors has been large potholes in the mall parking lot, but the redevelopment plan shows significant changes to the area.

Meijer’s main store will have a parking lot with 544 spaces, while the gas station and convenience store will have 18 spaces.

Two other new lots will also be created on the mall property. A 310-space lot will be added on the west side of the supercentre, and another 170 spaces will be created at the rear of the property.

Bus stop coming to the site

Residents who rely on public transportation will be able to come and go from the redeveloped mall site.

The concept plan for the project includes a bus stop that features a crosswalk and sidewalk leading to the front of the store.

Meijer will have charging stations for electric vehicles

Electric car drivers will be able to charge their vehicles while shopping at Alliance’s Meijer supercentre. The concept plan for the site shows several charging spaces near the main store entrances.

Meijer announced a partnership with EVgo, an electric vehicle charging network, last year. The companies worked together to install charging stations at several Meijer sites in Ohio and Michigan.

Other unique features of the parking lot include a designated area on the side of the building for curbside pickups and several quick-access parking spaces.

A new retail space is also on the way

Forty-five acres of land will be redeveloped as part of the project. Meijer will occupy 20 acres, leaving an additional 25 acres for other retailers to locate.

The concept plan includes three new retail spaces located west of Meijer, ranging from 17,500 to 25,000 square feet.

There has been no announcement on which stores will occupy these facilities, but City Planning and Economic Development Director Joe Mazzola predicts that a number of retailers will at least consider locating in Alliance due of Meijer’s presence.

And after?

Alliance Planning and Zoning must approve conditional uses and deviations before the redevelopment plan can proceed.

The Zoning Appeals Board will consider waiver requests at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 15 in the second-floor conference room of the City Administration Building at 504 E. Main St.

The Planning Commission will consider applications for conditional use at 4:30 p.m. on February 16 at the Alliance Area Senior Center at 602 W. Vine St. Public hearings on these matters will be held at the start of the meeting.

Mazzola said the tentative plan is for Fairmount Properties to prepare the site for Meijer within the year so that Meijer can take it over by the end of 2022.

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