Flea Style’s Brittany Cobb Has Big Plans for Fort Worth at Stockyards and Hotel Drover


Fort Worth discovers the energy and creativity of Brittany Cobb.

The Dallas-based entrepreneur is set to open her third business in Fort Worth since July.

Cobb is CEO of Style Concepts, the Deep Ellum-based company that includes its retail, e-commerce and hospitality concepts Flea Style, Heirloom Haul, Game Day Style and its most recent, Wide Brim and the Bungalow.

Wide Brim is a hat and sundries store that opened in July inside the new Hotel Drover, a Marriott autograph collection hotel designed for Fort Worth with rustic luxury decor. The Drover opened in March in the Mule Alley area of ​​the Stockyards Historic District, which is undergoing a $ 175 million renovation.

The Wide Brim Hats, an iconic Cobb personal wardrobe accessory, are decorated in new and vintage materials and sell for $ 148 each. Stetson prepares a rose to add to the selection.

Flea Style, Cobb’s fifth store, will open in October in a prime location on Mule Alley, next to the Lucchese Bootmaker store. The Fort Worth Flea Style will have a Heirloom Haul mini beverage and snack bar, not the full menu of its other tea rooms.

This Stockyards store will also have a 20 foot hat bar with 10 stools for customers to sit down and create.

Cobb also added hat bars to Deep Ellum and The Star stores in Frisco.

The Deep Ellum store became the headquarters of Style Concepts. But early next year, a nearby building will be ready to house the growing staff and online businesses Cobb and his team created last year to get through the worst months of the pandemic. Online has taken off and will more than double this year, she said.

The new Flea Style store will also have an expanded interior decorating area that will sell interior decor items, loungewear and other items found in the bungalow.

The bungalow is her third business in Fort Worth, a 1,900 square foot four-bedroom house that sleeps nine that she just bought and is renovating into a vacation rental. The house is 2.8 miles from Stockyards and its two stores in Mule Alley.

Brittany Cobb, founder of Flea Style, stands outside the Bungalow in Fort Worth that the Dallas-based company is renovating into a vacation rental.

Cobb grew up in Southern California and moved to Dallas in 2001 to study at Southern Methodist University. She organized trade events by collecting her own flea market finds and recruiting local artists and small businesses to sell their products. Cobb started retail company Flea Style in 2015 and pursued the concept of reusing second-hand goods and finding new artisans who made decorations, jewelry and clothing for the home.

She opened her first store in Deep Ellum in 2018.

“We’ve really picked up the pace over the last 23 months,” she said. “We have just tripled our team in the last month and a half. We’re working on our new experiential retail business, which people seem to be enjoying.

Flea Style and the Heirloom Haul tearoom located in Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ The Star development in Frisco opened two years ago in November, and Game Day Style opened there last year.

Cobb said she had spoken to real estate contacts in Fort Worth about an expansion, but had to be in the right place. “We love to be around the entertainment areas: Deep Ellum, The Star and now Stockyards.”

The Bungalow vacation rental started out as an idea to save money on hotels for extended staff visits to Fort Worth. She started a waiting list for reservations, and 200 people signed up within the first 24 hours.

“I think we should buy a few more houses,” Cobb said. She decorates it with finds from mainly vintage furniture. Likewise for the new store, and she just returned with a hit from the Canton flea market for the two.

With the Fort Worth home so close to the new Flea Style, she plans to market the two together for bachelorette parties.

“My first love was interior design. The bungalow is the ultimate way to tie a bow to all of these concepts, ”said Cobb. “It was a blast. Our customers will love it. “

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