Florence Boy Scout Service Project Aims To Help Students With Sensory Problems



FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Life Scout Kellen Kennedy of Florence strives to become an Eagle Scout by helping children with sensory issues.

“The first three months of quarantine, I was just experimenting with things,” Kennedy said. “Trying to find things to help me focus more since I was virtual at the time.”

Kennedy was diagnosed with autism in 3K. He says sensory disturbances like ASD and ADHD can make it difficult to focus on schoolwork without moving around.

“Most kids are typing on the desk or things like that,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he usually bounces his legs when doing his homework. He finally found a product to help him focus: the Kinnebar swing.

“You use your feet to rock it back and forth,” Kennedy said.

The swing attaches to the floor or desk and allows users to move their feet around a metal swing or rubber band silently while they work.

Kennedy has been involved in Scouting for 10 years and is on the verge of reaching the rank of Eagle Scout. To earn it, he needed to complete a service project.

“It’s to show that you are ready to do something and that you are ready to help the community,” Kennedy said.

After deciding that the swings on foot would be a good fit for his project. Kennedy raised funds from his family and church members to buy and build 20 to donate to local schools, some of which he attended. Kennibar even gave him a discount when he told the owner what his purchase was for.

“The reaction we got from these teachers and principals was like, ‘Wow, we had no idea of ​​something like that,’” said Peter Kennedy, Kellen’s father and scout assistant.

“They were thrilled for these,” Kellen Kennedy said. “They were excited to see how they would do it, to see their benefits. “

Kellen hopes to earn his Eagle Scout rank by the end of the year.



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