Four indoor soccer fields: the concepts of a new leisure complex presented at Quincy


QUINCY – It’s going to be big no matter what the town of Quincy ultimately decides to build.

At a city council meeting on Tuesday, consulting engineer Dan Ireland, of Lacey-based SCJ Alliance, and architects Troy Bishop and Andrew Leeper, of Spokane-based ALSC Architects, presented a vision for a project designed to make Lauzier park an attraction: nearly 140,000 square feet of land capable of accommodating four 7-on-7 football fields – or an entire football field – as well as two basketball courts -ball and enough space for virtually any type of event.

“It will be a place that engages young people. It’s a lot of community, ”Bishop told council members in a nearly hour-long presentation at a regular meeting on Tuesday, December 21. “So we want it to be a major center of activity, a sense of pride for Quincy. We want to make sure it’s available and affordable for everyone.

The proposal contemplates a two-phase project to complete the sports complex. The first phase, which would build the administrative offices, basketball courts and half of the proposed indoor soccer fields, is expected to cost $ 13.2 million, well above the $ 9 million Quincy set aside. for installation.

In fact, the proposed Field House is the largest project in the city’s $ 91.7 million 2022 budget, which council adopted at Tuesday’s meeting.

“I’m surprised at how much this has exploded,” said Tom Harris, board member. “I like what I see, but are we building something too big?” “

And while the three architects were asked to go back and reconsider the scale of the proposal, there was no doubt that the town of Quincy was seriously considering the Field House or some form of recreation center.

“This is very serious,” City Administrator Pat Haley said after the meeting. “The council wanted to do this for a long time.”

Haley said the Field House proposal was actually the second given to the city for a large recreation center. The first offered a huge facility with an indoor swimming pool in the eastern park of the city, where the aquatic center is located. However, Haley said the city is now focused on expanding Lauzier Park and may even consider the $ 9 million set aside this year as the first installment from a center.

In fact, Quincy bought a property south of Lauzier Park to expand it and also included around $ 1 for stormwater collection in the park.

So, the question is not whether something like the Field House will be built at Lauzier Park, but what it will contain and how big it will be.

“We’re going to do something,” Haley said. “We have to go back to the drawing board a bit, so to speak.”

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