Friends launch ‘Help Keep Harold Smiling’ fundraiser for popular Chilliwack street cleaner


A fundraiser has been launched for a popular street cleaner in Chilliwack to help keep him smiling.

Harold Zinke has been lining the streets of downtown Chilliwack for over 20 years and now two of his friends, Debbie Biggin and Kathy Funk, want to do something nice for him before his 60th birthday.

He is known to many as the “unofficial mayor of downtown Chilliwack”, and Biggins said he was “the nicest guy you could ever meet”.

“Harold is known for his friendly smile,” Biggin wrote on the GoFundMe page titled Help Harold Keep Smiling. “He will be 60 in August and needs help fixing his teeth and new dentures. We would like to show our appreciation for all his hard work.

Harold can be seen Monday through Friday walking the streets of downtown Chilliwack pushing a cart with a trash can on it. He recovers what others have left behind for 23 years.

Anyone who has walked or driven the streets of downtown Chilliwack is almost guaranteed to know Harold personally, or at least know of him.

He calls himself the “garbage police”.

“People tell me, ‘Harold, you’re always so friendly.’ But that’s how I am, that’s how I was raised,” he said in 2019 when Chilliwack’s Progress did a story about him marking 20 years with the Downtown Chilliwack Business Improvement Association.

Harold turns 60 on August 3.

“I would like to thank Debbie and Kathy for doing the GoFundMe,” he said on July 23.

“Harold is a very special ambassador for downtown Chilliwack and would gladly help any of his friends,” Biggin said. “Kathy and I decided to put this together to help Harold. Let’s show our love and respect for Harold. Keep the smile!”

To donate to the fundraiser, go to

The fundraising goal is set at $1,500. By 6:30 p.m. on July 23, over $750 had been raised.

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