Gateway signage will be part of the Greensburg GetGo project



Gateway signage for the City of Greensburg will be included in a new GetGo gas station and convenience store scheduled to be built in the old Family Video store along S. Main Street.

The project, which will be located at 531 S. Main Street, involves the demolition of the Family Video building and the construction of a new gas station. Signage bearing Greensburg’s name will be built on the southern portion of the land “perfectly suited to the signage announcing the city along one of its busiest transportation lanes,” said Jeff Raykes, Director of Planning .

The project received conditional approval from city council members this week. Conditions include a $ 25,000 donation from Giant Eagle, the company that owns GetGo, which will be used to construct the signage. Other conditions included in the motion relate to stormwater management and officials receiving a higher license of occupation from PennDOT.

A spokesperson for Giant Eagle did not immediately return an email requesting comment.

According to Raykes, a team of development companies and downtown organizations worked with a design team from Environmental Planning & Design, based in Pittsburgh, to develop a conceptual design for the sign. The company is also working with the city to create a comprehensive plan and renovate Spring Avenue Park in the 5th arrondissement.

A final conceptual design of the sign shows that it represents the name Greensburg in white aluminum and acrylic letters set on individual bases. The bases will be lit from the inside so that the sign is visible at night. It will be located on a small hill or slope surrounded by various plants and trees.

“The group envisioned a sign (which) would project an identity for the city that is unique, memorable and iconic,” said Raykes. “The gateway would become a key marketing tool for economic and community development. “

The final costs of the sign were not yet available. Fundraising efforts will be conducted in conjunction with the Greensburg Community Development Corporation.

It was not immediately clear when construction of the GetGo would begin. Minutes from the May planning committee meeting suggest the GetGo could include a 5,520 square foot convenience store and pumping station with 12 fuel pumps. Raykes noted in August that the convenience store will likely include groceries.

Raykes noted that a traffic study performed for the site showed some recommended improvements at the intersection of S. Main Street and Euclid Avenue for pedestrian safety. Authorities plan to build a turning lane along S. Main Street to keep turning vehicles out of traffic.

Plans for the site came months after Family Video’s parent company announced the nationwide shutdown of all of its stores, including the one in Greensburg. At the time, officials at parent company Highland Ventures attributed the decision to reduced foot traffic and the lack of new movie releases caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

The Greensburg location, before being a video store, was a supermarket.

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