GNC builds its Beyond Raw® portfolio with the launch of Concept X, its most extreme pre-workout yet


“Given the past success of Beyond Raw® pre-workouts and the clear market demand for a highly dosed and effective formula, Concept X was born,” said Kevin Maloberti, Vice President, Merchandising, GNC. “Concept X is comprised of clinically proven ingredients that have been strategically chosen to accelerate results while reducing muscle soreness to aid recovery. Concept X exemplifies GNC’s commitment to consumer-centric innovation and meets the demands of our customers looking for extreme results.”

Whatever your pre-workout needs, Beyond Raw has you covered. With LIT, LIT AF and now Concept X, GNC creates consumer-centric solutions to advance wellness journeys at any stage.

“This next-level clinically dosed pre-workout formula is meticulously crafted to push dedicated gym enthusiasts harder than ever with 16 active ingredients, each selected to serve a specific benefit and backed by research and science,” said Sudipta Veeramachaneni, Vice President, Scientific Director GNC. “Concept X is the end result of intentional and thoughtful product development to provide consumers with an elevated workout experience.”

Concept X is purposely built, not over-engineered, and delivers the intense flavors consumers have come to expect from Beyond Raw.® including Gummy Worm, Sweet & Tart and Orange Mango with key ingredients such as:

  • 325 mg of MyoTOR® for the acceleration of muscle strength
  • 500 mg of Rephyll® for the support of exercise-related muscle pain
  • 300mg caffeine (including 50mg targeted release caffeine) for energy
  • 5g of creatine
  • 6.4g of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine
  • 10g Citrulline
  • 1.5g of Nitrosigine®
  • 90mg vitamin C

This new pre-workout is now available for purchase online and at GNC stores nationwide.

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