Gordon Murray Design unveils MOTIV electric quadricycle concept


Gordon Murray Design has unveiled its latest mobility solution. Coming from the innovative iStream manufacturing process, it’s called the MOTIV, and the new vehicle is an electric quadricycle.

Weighing less than 400kg, the MOTIV is classified as a quadricycle by law, but Gordon Murray Design built the vehicle to comply with the most stringent full-size passenger car collision regulations. This is made possible by iStream, a sustainable manufacturing process that reduces the number of components used to build each vehicle and reduces weight.

Reducing the number of components and using recycled fiber composite panels also contributes to a lower “cradle to grave” CO2 footprint for iStream vehicles. However, the final construction is also more rigid, improving safety and driving dynamics. For a traditional family car, iStream reduces body panel components by 50% and overall weight by 20%.

The MOTIV is designed to showcase the flexibility of iStream. The process can be applied to a range of vehicles, from utility vehicles to supercars, and now quadricycles, as MOTIV demonstrates. This is particularly useful for electric vehicles, where weight is the enemy of range. The lightweight construction allows the MOTIV to accommodate a battery twice the size of equivalent products, while maintaining an acceptable overall weight.

The quadricycle is also equipped with many convenience and safety features that are usually reserved for conventional cars, such as anti-lock brakes and air conditioning. Gordon Murray Design also installed a large infotainment screen and electric scissor doors.

The MOTIV made its debut at LCV Cenex at the Millbrook proving ground, alongside an innovative electric quadricycle undercarriage. Called the iStream eQuadricycle platform, it weighs less than 400 kg and is only 2.5 meters long, with a projected range of 140 miles. The eQuadricycle battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in 40 minutes.

The advantages of iStream in terms of efficiency, weight and rigidity have also attracted the attention of aviation companies, for the production of electric cargo drones and light aircraft. Speaking on the growing collection of iStream derivative vehicles, Jean Philippe Launberg, Commercial Director of Gordon Murray Design, said:

“IStream’s expanded portfolio means that it is now the answer to many questions for many mobility companies. And above all, how can the weight of an electric vehicle be reduced to a minimum? Our innovative manufacturing processes provide many benefits to automotive manufacturers who wish to create, develop and manufacture small to medium volume cars and commercial vehicles that cannot be cost-effectively manufactured with their existing methodologies and footprint. It is a unique and cost effective way for global manufacturers to improve performance and efficiency in a sustainable way.

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