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The announced development planned on the site of a former Lowe’s store on Godwin Boulevard will be good for the city.

The News-Herald reported in the September 12 edition that the nine-acre site at 3061 Godwin Blvd. will be developed by The Gallery at Godwin LLC to become what will likely look like a smaller version of the Bridgeport development off Bridge Road in North Suffolk, with a commercial and commercial component on the ground floor as well as rental residential units above.

This is a good resolution for a site with a long history and a lot of potential.

As the property has gone unoccupied for about two decades – racking up code violations, being an eyesore to visitors and residents, and producing relatively little property taxes and nothing in other forms of income for the city – it is probably safe to say that all parties are happy to see a project finally move forward on this site.

The proposed development will support construction jobs and create other long-term jobs, provide living space, generate more income for the city, and be a more attractive location than Lowe’s empty building or barren terrain. has never been.

The development of Bridgeport in North Suffolk, to which Deputy City Manager Kevin Hughes recently compared the Godwin Project, has attracted a few fine retail and dining establishments. While many have criticized that Bridgeport looks out of place right across from a country market and in a rural area not too long ago, a similar, smaller development will play better in the hallway of the Godwin Boulevard.

With many other recent and ongoing improvements along with Godwin, this bundle may have been the last missing piece that was pending until recent purchase.

We can’t wait to see what kind of new life the developers bring to Lowe’s old site.

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