Honda launches five e: N concepts showing the future of its electric vehicles



Having entered the electric vehicle market with models like the Clarity and the E, Honda is really taking electricity seriously by introducing several vehicles the brand calls the e: N concept series. Production versions of these machines would arrive in China first.

The e: NS1 and e: NP1 models will be the first e: N series models to arrive in China in spring 2022. Joint ventures Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda will produce them respectively.

Both vehicles are crossovers but with a slightly different styling. The e: NS1 is the vehicle in these photos with the vibrant yellow and black bodywork in these photos. It has a front end with a block shape and skinny headlights. The rear has a sporty design with both a spoiler on the roof and a spoiler under the rear window.

The e: NP1 has a more traditional crossover appearance and looks almost identical to the Honda SUV E: Prototype from early 2021. The shape of the headlight goes up to the front. Both models have rear door handles that fit into the black section of the C-pillar.

From there, three more e: N vehicles are in development with the goal of launching them within five years. Honda presents them here as e: N Coupé Concept, e: N SUV Concept and e: N GT Concept. The trio share a similar design philosophy that bears no resemblance to current Hondas.

There will eventually be 10 models in the e: N range. They will be available from e: N specific resellers in China, in addition to selling them in existing showrooms.

Honda doesn’t provide much powertrain information for e: N models. They will ride on a shared platform. Electric vehicles will also benefit from the automaker’s latest technologies, such as Honda Sensing and Honda Connect technologies, as well as a digital cockpit.

Honda’s strategy will be that all models for sale in China after 2030 will be either hybrids or full electric vehicles. By 2040, all products will be purely electric.



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