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Who would have thought: Shaquille O’Neal is a huge fan of Ben Affleck. Can anyone blame him? Affleck is an incredible talent. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, not only did O’Neal reveal the two are working on a new commercial together, the Hall of Fame legend couldn’t help but gush a bit about the Batman actor.

“Am I filming again this summer? No,” he said when asked if he was going to be in another Adam Sandler movie, teasing fans about what it would take to enter a fifth Sandler film. “But I did an ad with one of my other favorite people around the world, and he’s so handsome: Ben Affleck.” While O’Neal couldn’t go into the details of the ad, he noted that Affleck had directed him before, which intimidated him. “This guy is great. I was like, ‘Hey look, I know I’m Shaq, but I’m still a person.’ So I’ve known Ben since we were both 18, 19, but I was just like, “I can’t believe I’m filming and being directed by Ben Affleck. How could it be better than that? ‘”

Affleck has been in the headlines lately since he and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez rekindled their romance. Shortly after Lopez broke off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez this spring, it wasn’t long before she and the 48-year-old started dating again. The sweet pair have since been pictured together and onlookers all agree.

While O’Neal may be a bit of a fan of Affleck, there are too many to count who are big fans of the NBA champion. Although O’Neal is fully aware of this, he doesn’t necessarily like to think of himself as a role model, but rather a “real role model”. “This is what I always try to do, the right thing and to say the right thing. And I also tell them, if you see me make a mistake, learn from my mistake so that you can be better than me.” , he explained.

“A lot of people use the word ‘role model’ but to me it’s’ real role model ‘. I never want to play a part in people’s lives. My mom’s favorite saying is,’ It doesn’t cost you a thing. ‘be kind.’ This is the first rule and principle by which I live. [The] The second rule and principle that I live by is to brighten someone’s day. ”He noted that he was aware of his incredible luck, which is why he pours it out all the time, and he said that ‘he liked to help people.

O’Neal has been helping people save on auto insurance since he became a spokesperson for the General six years ago, and he was delighted to announce that the company recently bought the naming rights to the NRG’s Rocket League team, making it the Rocket League’s first naming right. agreement in the history of North America. Fans will be able to vote for the team’s jersey from July 6 to 20 on their official website, and the final jersey will be unveiled in August.

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