How four Fort Worthians came together to bring the world’s largest rubber duck to town


The first half of 2021 has been a busy one for Mark Burrows, Mary Ho, and couple Cye and Kyle Wagner – they make up the team behind one of Fort Worth’s newest nonprofits, the Kindness Duck Project.

The idea for the Kindness Duck project started in January. Burrows began a series of kindness conversations with the children’s ministry he leads at First United Methodist Church.

“Kindness is really asking something of us, to do everything we can to show attention to others, to listen more, to be empathetic, to feel, to be forgiving, to let people get away with it.” and not to paint everyone at the worst time. of their lives, ”Burrows says.

In Kindness Conversations, children discovered the concept in three forms: being kind to yourself, being kind to others, and being kind to the environment. They got yellow rubber ducks with the word “goodness” printed on them to hand out to people and playing cards with specific tasks to complete. The cards included ideas like chalk drawing on the sidewalk, spending more time with a pet, or pulling weeds.

Both of the Wagner’s children were involved in the project, but Cye and Kyle noticed that not only did the children benefit a lot from good deeds, but they and their adult comrades in church also felt the impact of this. message. The seed began to form for what became the Kindness Duck Project – a nonprofit dedicated to planting, cultivating, and sharing kindness. The project was officially launched in May.

The next Big #KindnessDuck Party, which takes place in Trinity Park July 23-25, will bring the world’s largest rubber duck to Fort Worth. Big Duck LLC will bring the duck into town on a semi-trailer and set it up in Trinity Park, where it will be inflated to six stories in height. There will also be a 10 foot baby duck nearby.

The event aims to focus on the “Grow Kindness” part of the group’s mission.

“The Grow Kindness part is where we want to partner with nonprofits, other organizations that have really good missions, but don’t necessarily have the platform as big as they are. want it or as much publicity as they want, “explains Kyle Wagner.

The idea of ​​bringing a six story duck to Fort Worth became a massive event plan. Tokyo Cafe owner Ho, board member, used her knowledge of the restaurant world to bring over 20 food trucks to the event. Partnerships with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the Fort Worth Independent School District offer children’s events and kindergarten and kindergarten enrollment. Vendor Alley will feature nearly 100 vendors – Cye Wagner noted that she will be working on her Christmas shopping during the party.

But the part of the event that gets the Kindness Duck Project board members excited the most is Charity Lane, where around 30 charities will be able to set up booths and educate people about the services they offer and how. that people can get involved with. Confirmed participants include Saving Hope Rescue, A Memory Grows and Con Mi MADRE.

“There are some wonderful, very well-established nonprofits here that have a great mission that might not use the word kindness, but kindness is at the heart of their hearts, because what they do is n ‘is that cuteness in its purest form, “says Cye Wagner. .

Board members are excited about the raffle that the giant ducks will bring to the party, where people can then learn more about the mission of the project and the other charities in attendance.

Going forward, the Kindness Duck project will be involved in random acts of kindness as well as developing a kindness program to share with educational institutions, organizations and communities to promote the topic.

To learn more about the Kindness Duck Project, visit their website,


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