How Ghostbusters finally made Dan Aykroyd’s original concept a reality


The comic book story of displaced aggression saw the Ghostbusters time travel, which Dan Aykroyd had originally planned for them to do.

IDW Ghostbusters: displaced Aggression scenario done Dan Aykroydthe original vision of ghost hunters a reality. Before the iconic Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening ghost hunters run, this story saw them take on the interdimensional warlord Koza’Rai, who also happened to be Gozer’s father. After defeating the Paranormal Investigators, Koza’Rai didn’t kill them but instead blocked them at different times in the story. When a young new recruit shows up in a time-traveling Ecto-1 to collect the Guys in Gray, their adventures battling supernatural entities across time bear more than a few similarities to Dan Aykroyd’s original idea for the film, which has been rewritten and reinvented. with other collaborators in the iconic franchise that it is today.


In Ghostbusters: Misplaced Aggression by Scott Lobell and Ilynias Kryiazis, Dr. Peter Venkman acts as a One-Man Ghostbuster in the Old West. After dispatching the last poltergeist with his modified gear and containment unit, Peter explains to someone that he is from the future, a Ghostbuster separated from his teammates following a fight with a powerful demon. Koza’Rai was furious that his son Gozer was not only destroyed but by mortal men and after defeating the Ghostbusters he was not convinced that death could end the Ghostbusters threat for good. Instead, he launched them through time, with Peter later theorizing that the influx of ghosts during his period indicated that Koza’Rai was slowly conquering time and space as no resistance would have Ghostbusters technology to fight back.

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After facing off against a particularly evil entity, Peter meets Rachel Unglighter, a former student of Egon Spengler and a survivor of the ongoing Koza’Rai invasion. With the help of Winston Zeddemore, who remained in what is now New York, Rachel was able to modify the Eco-1, upgrade the proton packs, and begin her time travel mission to collect the Ghostbusters so that ‘they can have a rematch with Koza. ‘Rai. After essentially making the Ecto-1 similar to Back to the futureDelorean, Peter and Rachel end up in the Old West, then travel to medieval England to find Dr. Ray Stantz, in the distant future to retrieve Dr. Egon Spengler and ultimately find Winston.

Although best known for his work with Marvel and DC, writer Scott Lobdell drew inspiration for his story from Dan Aykroyd’s original screenplay for Ghostbusters that allegedly starred him, his frequent co-star John Belushi and other actors linked to SNL. Inspired by his family’s history with the supernatural, Aykroyd envisioned the Ghostbusters as an organization dedicated to protecting time and space from supernatural threats. It is no coincidence that the iconic Ghostbusters headquarters are a fire station, as they were meant to be similar to firefighters or exterminators with multiple teams scattered across the universe and history. Sadly, Akyroyd’s vision was deemed too costly by director Ivan Reitman, and Harold Ramis was asked to rewrite the script, with their collaboration becoming something they would forever be synonymous with.

Lobdell and Kryiazis use time travel both as a result of the antagonist’s actions and as an excuse to put the Ghostbusters in a variety of different and fun situations, adapting Aykroyd’s vision through medium that is not limited by budget, special effects, or other limitations of the film industry. While the stories were one of IDW’s first forays into the world of Ghostbusters, characters like Koza’Rai and Rachel Unlighter have made appearances in future ongoing series, suggesting that the story is canon in the game. ghost hunters multiverse and that Dan AykroydThe vision of franchises across time and space has sort of come true.

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