How IO Interactive’s Latest Hitman Trilogy Could Help Influence Project 007


In November 2020, IO Interactive made headlines by announcing that it would be developing a new james bond Game : Project 007. Last seen in 007 Legacya game that served more as a Bond homage by revisiting six memorable storylines from film adaptations, a full-fledged game hasn’t been released for the franchise since 2012. A new entry is long overdue.

After the third and final installment of the Hitman “The World of Assassination trilogy,” IO Interactive has confirmed that the series he’s been leading since 2000 will be shelved while the team focuses on delivering Project 007a new one not yet named james bond Game. Given the excellent critical reception given to the latest Hitman trilogy, expectations are already high for the Bond studio to return to consoles.


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What Bond and Agent 47 Share

At first glance, Bond and Agent 47 are similar. Both are agents of secret organizations, trained as expert agents in infiltration, espionage, sabotage and assassination. The parallels deepen when you consider that 47 has Diana as his handler, while Bond has Moneypenny as his, and the two often find themselves embroiled in world-changing plots under the infamous rule of dark organizations, Providence to Specter.

IO Interactive being the leader Project 007 looks like a match made in heaven, as much of the steps built through his last Hitman trilogy can be easily extrapolated to suit Bond’s needs. The formula honed across the trilogy centers gameplay in an open, almost sandbox world where the player is free to explore and engage with the level as they see fit. Complementing gameplay mechanics worthy of Agent 47’s skills, such as adopting different disguises in order to remain secretive and infiltrating restricted areas with tools to dispatch or execute targets. This all falls under the same skill set of Bond’s expertise as a spy, meaning IO Interactive has a solid foundation to jump into the development of Project 007.

What Bond Could Learn From Agent 47

Until now, the Bond games have always favored a more linear and structured approach, often to mirror an already existing plot as adaptations of the later film. But all of that is about to change as IO Interactive co-owner Hakan Abrak told Danish outlet that Project 007 will present an entirely original version of James Bond. Although this does not exclude that previous elements of the Bond games can be found in Project 007especially given the wealth of unused James Bond storylines available, it’s clear that IO has its sights set on revolutionizing the franchise.

The break with a traditional formula could lead to Project 007 incorporating aspects of Hitman in its design, building on what already exists to elevate the experience of playing James Bond. With obvious examples including allowing Bond to use disguises, bigger influences may come from moving to an open-world sandbox. The World of Assassination Trilogy prided itself on creating dense, dynamic levels that allowed players to explore and approach achievement in unique ways. With the addition of rich and compelling characters who have their own behaviors and stories, this open-world approach would be a perfect fit for a Bond game, providing a balance between story and gameplay.

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What Bond Could Agent 47 Teach

While Hitman is certainly an exceptional franchise, there is room for IO to use new opportunities working with James Bond. As much as Hitman will influence Project 007, IO could innovate by allowing James Bond to reinvent its traditional design. Agent 47 is borderline psychopathic and seemingly uncharismatic compared to Bond’s suave sophistication. It’s no secret why James Bond movies continue to do well at the box office, yet Hitman the film adaptations receive mixed receptions.

But 47’s expressionless demeanor served as a good basis for the precedents Hitman games, giving players an enigmatic character to focus their gaming experience on while gleaning the story of Agent 47 that made him what he is. Although this is going to present more of a challenge to bring Bond to the gaming scene, given that audiences have a fairly deep knowledge of his story, and it’s expected that gamers will be able to see Bond’s charisma to blaze a trail. a path through situations.

IO is going to have to build on 47’s previous few displays of emotion to flesh out a compelling, likeable, and ultimately likeable main character. This could lead to the introduction of the player being able to interact more directly with NPCs, starting from Hitman previous format of nearby disturbing threat. A great opportunity for this could rely on 47’s ability to “blend in” to certain places in a level, where Bond could also be asked to engage with other characters, generate new leads for story or to teach players valuable information.

The last Hitman the trilogy also lacked a high-octane perk that Bond could reintroduce. Usually, IO never needed to force a gameplay sequence that might challenge or test the player’s mind, only going so far as to implement things like time limits to complete certain goals. Previous Bond games have never shied away from ramping up the intensity of its players and have a vast background for IO to draw from. Although fast-paced events may be frowned upon, exploring chase sequences and vehicles in Obligation movies could inform Project 007 development.

Project 007 remains calm, but what is known seems promising. Given that the project was announced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, news might be far on the horizon at the moment. It remains to be seen which direction IO Interactive will take Project 007, as it’s entirely possible the studio will take its game in a whole new direction, fueled by the current limbo of James Bond’s cinematic future. In the meantime, gamers will be eagerly awaiting the next upcoming announcement from IO Interactive.

Project 007 is in development.

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