I need an installment loan for bad credit -Borrow from $100 to $1000

Online installment loans direct lenders: Borrow Online from $100 to $1000

 In three years of existence, Hubbard has gained a good reputation among the Spanish population. The user’s data is protected with modern privacy systems, and for its security, the company prefers to “filter” the right customers through the “Instantor” program, which is very reliable.

What is the difference in the services of the Hubbard company with many other competitors?

After studying the needs of customers of the fast microcredit market, the company has divided its services into two categories – the supply of the loan amount from 50 to 800 euros (APR 920%), as well as the installment loans of 850 to 1,400 Euros (with monthly payments for 2 – 4 months). Not all lenders provide the amount of more than 800 euros, so installments loans is a very big advantage.

The most convenient way for those who want to take a loan of up to 300 euros in the case of the fixed commission will be only 5 euros. If you need a sum of 300 to 800 euros the commission depends on the repayment term (5-30 days). The calculation of the main page of the official Hubbard site helps you to know exactly the final amount that must be returned.

Another interesting feature of this company – a reduction in the interest rates for customers on the status of the program of “standard” for VIP depending on how a customer observes the repayment terms, along with the increase in confidence and their status. In order to improve your status and to reduce the size of the commission fee, you need to use the Hubbard quick loans services with expiration at no less than 25 days and make payments on time.

To become a customer of that company and use flexible credit terms, you must meet the following requirements:

  • over 21 years old,
  • nationality or Spanish residence (valid DNI / NIE),
  • regular admission test,
  • lack of existing loans from other banks, as well as previous credit debt,
  • the existence of a personal bank account and email.

Sending a microcredit application instantly with Hubbard is very simple. On the website, you will find a loan simulator in which you must enter the desired amount of loan and convenient maturity for you. After pressing the button «Request Now», and you must fill in your personal data (for the identification and verification of the user). The next step will be to send photos or color copies of your DNI / NIE on two sides, as well as the confirmation of scanned solvency (this can be a proof of work, unemployment benefits or other subsidies). After processing you will receive a letter with the conditions of use. After reading the conditions you need to send a response letter with your consent and wait for the receipt of funds to your bank account.