Ideas competition to decide the fate of ABB’s 100th anniversary bazaar

Ideas competition to decide the fate of ABB’s 100th anniversary bazaar

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, “100. It takes part in the national competition for the “Year and district idea project”. The Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage aims to renovate the 15th Anniversary Bazaar and surrounding area in Ulus and transfer it to future generations, with the competition to launch the application process from February 2022, 100. Competitors, who can get detailed information from the address, should submit their projects no later than May 10, 2022.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to projects that protect the history and values ​​of the city, is currently holding an ideas competition for the Centenary Bazaar and its immediate surroundings to be built in Ulus, the historical center of the capital, in order to develop the culture of competition.

The national “100th anniversary” organized by the Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage With the competition “Year Bazar and its neighborhood idea project”, it aims to revitalize the region, which has been neglected and abandoned in recent years, and to pass on to future generations.


An announcement will be made on February 15, 100 for the competition, which aims to reveal the architectural and urban qualities of the 2022nd Anniversary Bazar, to make visible the originality of the district, its socio-cultural and economic values, and to make it perceptible and experienceable. daily by city dwellers.

Competitors, who will be able to access detailed information on the schedule and specifications of the project, whose applications will start from February 15, via the address “”, must also register and submit their projects until May 10. , 2022.


Jury evaluations will begin on May 14, 2022; 3,000 TL will be awarded to 100 equivalent prizes and 5,000 TL will be awarded to 50 equivalent honorable mention prizes.

The change to be made to the 100th Anniversary Bazaar and its immediate surroundings, owned by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in Ulus, a district of Altındağ, which is among the examples of modern architectural heritage included in the definition of “cultural property ” with a free, nationwide, one-stage intellectual project competition will be presented to the public.

Along with the competition, where it is a question of proposing ideas worthy of the capital and innovative proposals, and which have developed a contemporary understanding of the environment and design, the competition also includes the promotion of fine arts, the dissemination of urban planning the awareness, protection and maintenance of historical, social and cultural values ​​and the establishment of ethical values. disciplines are developing.


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