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The Indian Lake Watershed Project Board of Directors voted to purchase an EcoHarvester to help control weed growth in Indian Lake.

“This purchase is a step towards improving recreational conditions and controlling heavy weed growth,” said Frank Giannola, Chairman of the Board of ILWP.

The $ 93,000 Weed Harvester will pull weeds up by the roots, instead of cutting them, dramatically reducing weed growth. The EcoHarvester will also be able to skim off floating algae and weeds on the surface.

“This will be the first harvester of its kind on Indian Lake and we are excited to put it to work,” said Abbi Hastings, Indian Lake Watershed Coordinator.

ILWP expects delivery in the next few weeks and will begin training and testing as soon as possible.

Proceeds from the 2021 Nashville Hitmakers show are used to purchase the equipment. ILWP also accepts donations to fully fund the weed harvester.

“Thank you to the ILWP Board, Members, ODNR and various Consultants for coming together and making this possible. ILWP is working with relevant partners to develop a future weed control plan, ”said the representative.

To donate, contact Hastings at (937) 404-3148 for more information.

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