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  • The Ideas Marketplace is an online collaboration platform for innovators to discuss, collaborate and share ideas to address defense and security challenges
  • The Ideas Marketplace allows innovators to pitch their ideas to a range of government stakeholders and end users

The Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA) is pleased to launch the market of ideas. The Ideas Marketplace is an online collaboration platform where innovators can discuss, collaborate and share ideas with like-minded users to overcome defense and security challenges and help deliver the next generation of defense and security tools and services.

Welcome to the Marketplace of Ideas

The Ideas Marketplace is designed to make it easy for innovative organizations to engage with top defense and security players. It encourages collaboration between organizations of all shapes and sizes, to foster new and dynamic relationships to make innovations a success.

From helping innovators gain expertise and specialist support to develop technologies, to forming longstanding partnerships and finding new funding opportunities. The Marketplace of Ideas will help innovators to:

  • learn about government-wide funding opportunities

  • access exclusive competitions

  • collaborate with other innovators to make ideas a success

  • engage with industry leaders and learn about the defense and security landscape

  • Foster collaborative relationships and partnerships

Join the Marketplace of Ideas here.

Key Features: Innovate. Collaborate

The marketplace of ideas connects industry to stakeholders. Once a user has registered, they can:

  • list abstracts on project hubs and collaborate with other innovators

  • get updates on funding opportunities from across the defense and security community

  • learn about the latest defense and security industry news and see how they can get involved

  • access networking and collaboration events

  • finding expert knowledge to make innovation a success

  • get help understanding the market for an idea and help grow the business behind it

How does the Ideas Marketplace work?

The Marketplace of Ideas works the same way as an online forum. Once a user has created an Ideas Marketplace profile, they can upload a summary of their idea or challenge area they need help with. Like-minded innovators with similar interests will be able to easily find each other through abstract and specialty search functions, and foster opportunities for collaboration.

To help find collaborators, users can also follow areas of interest, specialties, write posts, and spark conversation by sending messages.

The Ideas Marketplace community includes 10 UK defense and security innovation organisations. Innovators can visit each page of the Ideas Marketplace hub to see what funding opportunities are available and if their innovations are relevant.

  • DASA: DASA finds and funds actionable innovations to quickly and effectively support UK defense and security, and support UK prosperity.

  • jHub & jHub digital: jHub is the innovation hub for strategic command, seeking innovation and technology to strengthen and improve the functioning of the UK Armed Forces.

  • Discovery, Analysis and Rapid Exploitation (DARE), the DARE team explores ways to deliver state-of-the-art technology and operational prototypes to show where the Royal Navy could go in the future.

  • RAFX: RAFX is developing technology for the RAF to find out how it can help deliver safer, more efficient and predictable operations, and create the next generation of the Air Force.

  • Army Rapid Innovation & Experimentation Lab (ARIEL) seeks to work with innovative industries in a shared space, allowing ideas to be developed and technology and equipment to be refined.

  • DE&S Future Capabilities Group: The DE&S Future Capabilities Group (FCG) works with industry to explore and de-risk new capabilities against frontline command needs.

  • Regional Defense and Security Clusters: These are collaborative regional clusters led by industry and academia with support from the government and its ministerial departments such as the MOD and its Innovation Directorate, and the Accelerator defense and security (DASA).

  • UK Space Command: UK Space Command is a joint command made up of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, civil servants and commercial partners. It aims to provide space equipment programs that integrate with other defense capabilities.

Checklist: How to register and use the Ideas Marketplace

Signing up for the Ideas Marketplace is a simple process:

  • Step 1: Visit the Ideas Marketplace homepage and create an account

  • Step 2: Wait for your registration request to be approved

  • Step 3: Complete your Ideas Marketplace profile and choose how you would like to be contacted

  • Step 4: Use the “Home” tab to upload your summary, so other like-minded users can interact with you

  • Step 5: Use the “Collaborate” tab to see your feed, follow your interests; find collaborators and write articles

  • Step 6: Search Ideas Marketplace Summaries by Area of ​​Specialization

  • Step 7: Spark conversation by messaging other innovators

Join the marketplace of ideas

Interested in collaborating with like-minded innovators and pitching your ideas to government stakeholders and end users?

Join the Marketplace of Ideas here.


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