Kerala to Adopt New Project to Measure Kerala Digitally | Kerala digital surveying project | Kerala latest news survey


Thiruvananthapuram: The state government will implement a new project under the Rebuild Kerala initiative to measure Kerala digitally. The revenue department plans to operate it with the help of scientific and technical facilities to complete the re-investigation that had dragged on for nearly 60 years. Rs 12 crore was sanctioned for the initial expenses and tendering procedures have also started.

The investigation which will cost Rs 540 crore should be completed within four years. Details of the project were presented at the Rebuild Kerala Initiative meeting. State investigators will be trained and agents from outside the state will also be part of the investigation. The digital investigation in Andhra Pradesh is almost complete. State Inquiry Director Samba Sivarao also modeled this plan for its implementation in Kerala.

The survey will use three systems depending on the geographic location. The most important of these is the Course system (Continuously Operating Reference Station), which ensures almost complete accuracy. The investigation will be carried out using drones in open areas. There will also be technical assistance from the central government.

Revenue Minister K Rajan said that with the completion of the survey, a unified portal for land registers will also be launched. All the information about each location can be received based on the survey number, he added.

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