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Three keys for the Georgia Bulldogs to win against the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Georgia enters the third week ranked as the No. 1 team in the country and watched the role of a team on the verge of winning another national title. The defense and offense have been impressive just two games into the year, and now they’re starting conference play against South Carolina.

So if Georgia wants to keep the ball rolling, here are the three keys to the Bulldogs getting a win over the Gamecocks.

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bring the juice

Georgia is about to suffer its first road game of the season, and Williams-Bryce Stadium is a tough environment to play. Keeping the momentum away from South Carolina and draining the energy from the stadium will be crucial for Georgia.

The good news for Georgia is that they had some of their best games against South Carolina in Colombia. Since Kirby Smart took over as head coach, the Bulldogs are undefeated as an away team in this division game and have won those games by an average of 22.3 points.

Walking around as the #1 team puts a major target on your back and gives teams a lot more motivation to be the team that took out the best team. Gamecock fans and players will be buzzing during this game, which means Georgia will need to stay calm and collected to keep the game in their hands.

Rattler Rattle

South Carolina has allowed nine sacks in just two games this season. Offensive line issues have been a glaring problem for the Gamecocks, and Georgia will need to make sure those offensive issues continue.

Georgia has just one sack on the season so far, but their the defensive line will have to be a major contributor for the third week. South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler has shown the ability to make big plays with his arm, which means Georgia’s frontline defense will have to keep him rocked throughout the game.

Jalen Carter, Nolan Smith and Robert Beal are three players who will need to lead the charge up front and cause disruption in the pocket to contain South Carolina’s offense. If the Bulldogs can do it, it will be a long day for Rattler and his offense.

play clean

Georgia have remained a fairly disciplined football team this year, but when playing in enemy territory it becomes even more crucial to play clean football. To keep the game under control, Georgia will have to refrain from giving free yards to South Carolina’s offense and support each other on offense.

The first road game of the year can often lead to more mental errors than usual. If Georgia is able to limit the number of penalties that go their way, then they will be in good shape on both sides of the ball and ultimately in a good position to go 3-0 this season.

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